/10 Most Recommended Places to Eat in BAGUIO CITY

10 Most Recommended Places to Eat in BAGUIO CITY

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BAGUIO CITY | Finally, after 7 years, I had an opportunity again to visit the summer capital of Baguio City. I was so thankful for the long weekend that was announced recently because it gave us a chance to spend it somewhere. 

Aside from the beautiful places you can see in Baguio City, the Summer Capital also boasts different unique flavours that will tease your taste buds. 
Few days before we departed for Baguio, I asked my friends from Facebook about where to eat in Baguio. To be honest there were so many places to explore in Baguio but this time I would try the most recommended places based on the comments I had gathered. I also included some restaurants and places I thought would be a great place to hang out or to check out in the future on your visit to Baguio. 
So here are my TOP 10 in no particular order the MOST RECOMMENDED PLACES TO EAT IN BAGUIO. 

Camp John Hay 
A branch of the original Hill Station in Casa Vallejo, this restaurant is now ready to serve the people who are staying close to or working inside the Ayala Techno hub located inside Camp John Hay. 
Since we just arrived in Baguio, we were starving and we felt that this was the best spot for breakfast. 
Their menu all looks so sumptuous! 
The weather in Baguio was lovely!!
I ordered Eggs Benedict which comes with a nice and strong brewed coffee for Php 195.00. 
2. Pizza Volante
Camp John Hay 
Right inside the Techno Hub in Camp John Hay, one of the most visited place there was this Pizza Volante. So we promised ourselves that, we should give that one a try! Aside from their cheesy pizzas, they also have other food on the menu that is worth trying. Before you leave Baguio, you have to try their pizzas! 
Pizza Morengo for Php 182.00 8″ Pizza. 
Chicken Pomelo Salad for Php 200.00 (approx). 
3. Forest House 
Loakan Road, Baguio . http://foresthouse.ph
Aside from having a bed and breakfast, people said that for best steaks and meats, this place was the one to beat. So that was the reason why we had our first dinner here at the Forest House. Every time I was asked for the food I want, I always ask them for their best sellers. RESERVATION IS IMPORTANT.
Christmas arrived early at Forest House. I love the ambiance of this place specially at night. We were contemplating whether to eat here at lunch or dinner, but for me, spending dinner here was perfect.
For the starters, we were told that their specialty was this 
HOME MADE BAGNET for Php 195.00
Fresh Calamares for Php 190.00
For the main course, I ordered BABY BACK RIBS for Php 445.00
Now for desserts, The Strawberry Ala Heston is a must have! Fresh Strawberries from Baguio in cream with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. To die for! 
4. Le Chef at The Manor
Camp John Hay . www.campjohnhay.ph
Since we were staying at The Manor, we had to try the breakfast here at Le Chef. Breakfast is available to guests and non-guests of the hotel . For Php 580.00 per person, enjoy the different selections of fruits, salads, your favourite international and filipino breakfast like Longganisa, Tocino and many more. No reservations needed.
What makes breakfast so special at Le Chef is also the great ambiance of the hotel overlooking the hotel garden.
5. Kiwing Na Kahoy Food Kommunity – Ili-Likha Artist Village . Assumption Road
Food communities are growing here in Baguio, but what makes this different was the artistry of the place. When we checked the variety of food available was minimal; however, I think most of the food stalls open late afternoon.
But it didn’t stopped us from enjoying the place. The haphazard construction and odd nooks and crannies add to its uniqueness add more flavor to the different food served at this place! I loved it and we will definitely come back again! 
Brewed coffee for Php 50.00 . I love the locally grown coffee. Just in case you don’t find the place, you can also use the GPS on your mobile phones. 
6. Fruits in Ice Cream 
Camp John Hay . www.fruitsinicecream.com
Cold climate paired with delicious ice cream. Perfect combination! I remember when we were in the UK how I enjoyed ice cream in a cold climate. De ja vous! 
They have such a variety of flavours you would surely enjoy! We tried the combination of Speculous (cookie dough), Salted Caramel and Butter Pecan ice cream! Wow! Perfect combination! 

7. Titania Wine Cellars
Camp John Hay 
Well, beer is good but wine is healthier! The climate in Baguio makes it ideal for a glass of red wine with friends. Titania Wine Cellars in Camp John Hay just beside Le Monet Hotel is one of the places you could enjoy a glass of wine. Just buy a bottle, asked for a wine glasses and bring some crackers and cheeses. Such a perfect way to call it a night! 
8. Hill Station
Casa Vallejo Upper Session Road . hillstationbaguio.com
Remember we had breakfast at the new hub of Hill Station at the Bistro in Camp John Hay. Next morning, we checked the original Hill Station located at Casa Vallejo Hotel. 
A fusion of the old Europe and new America worked so well together for the palates of the Filipino food lovers. No wonder why this one is one of the most visited restaurants in Baguio.
When driving to this place, it is better to park at SM and just walk down to Hill Station as this is in the one way street. It’s only a 5 minute walk from SM Baguio. 
You can also buy some Pasalubong or their local delicacies at a very 
affordable prices at Hill Station. 
Mixed Fruits with Plain Yoghurt and local honey. And of course, my favourite 
Eggs Benedict again!
9. Ketchup Food Community
Romulo Drive near Wright Park (CLOSED)
One of the famous food places in Baguio is the Ketchup Food Community. Located at the busy street of Romulo Drive, it has become one of the most visited spots for people who are looking for gastronomic food. All of the restaurants looked very busy and full and were lucky to find a spot at Green Pepper. A restaurant that served a fusion of Filipino and international flavours and uses natural ingredients and supported local produce. 
I once again asked for the best seller and they told me that I must try their Cordillera Smoked Tamarind Pork for Php 195.00. That was delicious! With that price and with their generous serving, Superb! 
We also asked for a starter and they recommended the Eggplant Rotini for Php 195.00 . Another fresh tasting meal!
And for desserts, we tried to be sinful by ordering the Chocolate Indulgence! Oh my word! Lol … You really have to try Green Pepper. Or if you are there for long, better try all the restaurants in the Ketchup Food Community. 
10. Choco-Late De Batirol
Camp John Hay . chocolatedebatirol.com
Another amazing restuarants to visit inside Camp John Hay is the Choco Late De Batirol. A garden restuarant known for it’s home cooked meals and their very famous hot thick blended cacao drink prepared using a traditional Batirol or pitcher. Another hidden gem not to be missed when visiting Baguio. 
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