/CALIRAYA RESORT CLUB | Lumban Laguna [Activities]

CALIRAYA RESORT CLUB | Lumban Laguna [Activities]

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Part of our school activities is holding a retreat camp every year with our high school students. Our retreats were normally held at school, but now we decided to search for a different location were our students would have more fun and enjoyment and we found CALIRAYA RESORT CLUB.

Last 18th of September 2014, we left Dasmarinas, Cavite at 6am giving us time to travel for approximately 4 hours to Caliraya in Lumban Laguna. 

Caliraya lake is a man made lake helping to generate electricity for the nearby towns of Laguna. Nowadays, Caliraya Lake is also very popular spot for outdoor activities and water sports. The waters of Caliraya is so calm and relaxing to look at. No wonder, a lot of tourists flock to this lake. That’s why this year, we chose Caliraya Resort Club to be the  venue for our school retreat. 
The lake was so calm, all you want to do is just to stare at it and relax. 
From the lake shore, a 3 minute boat ride took us to the island resort. 
The Caliraya Resort was a big resort and one way of getting around was to take a Jeepney.
Students and teachers stayed in a villa like this where one room can accommodate around 15 people. 
We checked in a bit early and that gave the students time to roam around and take pictures of the beautiful landscape.
Lake Caliraya is really one of the most beautiful lakes in the Philippines. This was just one of the many views you can capture around the resort.  
There were also other rooms available for smaller groups like these ones close to the main lobby of the resort. . 
Buffet lunch were served at exactly 12:00 pm. They also have a complimentary’ drinks like tea and brewed coffee.
Their dining hall just proved that they can accommodate a huge number of guests.
Caliraya Resort offers a lot of outdoor activities that everyone will surely enjoy! Maybe try wall climbing. 
Or do a leg workout perhaps?
There were friendly dogs around the resort ready to welcome it’s visitors. 
After lunch, students again had a chance to walk around the resort and later on ended up at SLIDE PINOY. This mini zip line next to their playground and tree house will give you the adrenaline rush kids/adults were looking for. 
Their Basketball court and Gymnasium. This is where they normally conduct team buildings activities. 
They also have 3 swimming pools in the resort. They have a kiddie pool and a pool that has a diving board. They also have a wave pool that is powered by this ball in the middle.  
House of Prayers is also available for those who are on a spiritual retreat. 
Hanging Bridge at Caliraya Resort
The hanging bridge was also an ideal spot to capture great images like this.
Slip N’ Slide is probably the most famous attraction in the resort. Scream your way down as you land in the muddy waters which adds to even more excitement. 
Swimming in the lake is prohibited however, you can still enjoy the waters of Caliraya lake by renting a canoe or a kayak.
After lunch, our team building activity started at 1:00 pm. They were grouped into four where they did an Amazing Race type of game. 
The game director was explaining the rules and regulations of the game. And after a few minutes, game started!
First activity was to solve the puzzle which they did with ease. This amazing race involved a lot of running and team work which is a perfect team building activity.   
Second task needed a lot of team coordination. Otherwise, there’s no way you can move forward.
On our 3rd Activity, groups went to the swimming pool and swam a 6 lap relay. Only 6 members of the team were required to do this activity.
After the swim, teams went to the Kayak station where they need to paddle out and back. Most of the teams really had a hard time doing this challenge since this was their first time to do this. 
Basketball Station was the next activity as they need to shoot 8 times consecutively from the free throw line. 
Once finished in the free throw shot, they proceeded to the obstacle course where all members of the team had to do the obstacle.  
The last part of the Amazing Race was this Flip N’ Slide. This was so much fun and our students went back many times to try this giant mud slide. 
After a great afternoon time outdoors, it was time to head for dinner and students were still raving about what happened during the Amazing Race. 
But with all that, we spent our evening by Praising and Worshiping GOD. Pastor Gregory Tillman led the worship service that evening. 
The next day, we didn’t really have anything planned. We wanted our students to have a great time and make this a memorable time for them.  After breakfast, Pastor Bong Santos initiated the Bible devotion. And after the devotion, students were finally allowed to go swimming.We could have done more activities, but due to the bad weather, only the swimming pool and other indoor games were available. 
Here are the RATES and INCLUSIONS at 
 the Caliraya Resort Club
Here are the other recreational activities you 
can do in the resort club. 



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