/EDINBURGH CASTLE | A Great Place To Start Your SCOTLAND tour

EDINBURGH CASTLE | A Great Place To Start Your SCOTLAND tour

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Our adventure never stops! From London, we headed up north to
explore the beautiful scenery, castles and the culture of beautiful SCOTLAND.

One of the most famous attractions in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle.
 Located in City of Edinburgh, this place is very easy to located.
 If you battle to find parking, I would suggest commute or
 take a bus that will take you to the castle. It’s another great way to tour the city.
I finally saw it for real.
The traditional dress in Scotland, The Kilt!
I wish I could get one to take to the Philippines,
 but for that price. I’m fine with a picture! 🙂
Once you see this beautiful church,
you know you are very close to Edinburgh Castle.
For ticket prices to the castle: Click Here
It is better to come early as the queue for tickets can become
 very long since this is one of the most visited castles in Scotland.
Summer 9:30am – 6pm (1 Apr – 30 Sep)
Winter 9:30am – 5pm (1 Oct – 31 Mar)
A place so rich in history, Edinburgh Castle stood tall and dominates the skyline of Edinburgh.
A lot of things happened here that molded the nation’s history. A home of  royalty
 from Queen Margaret and Mary Queen of Scots who later gave birth to James VI.
 It is best to spend your whole morning here !
A panoramic view of Edinburgh from the castle.
A complimentary guided tour is available for free.
 It was very interesting to listen to their stories.
Just check the schedule at the ticket counter.
When we arrived, a man played his bagpipes just outside Scottish War Memorial.
 I love the sound of the bagpipe and that’s very Scotland!
Edinburgh Castle is very big and divided into different sections.
Click here to find out how to get around
Edinburgh Castle: Getting Around 
The Great Hall, one of the sections in the castle
where they honor their King.
I am always fascinated with British Royalty.
Prisoners of war were kept in vaults like this.
Get around the Royal Palace
and explore the grandeur of the rooms.
Probably the highlight of the Edinburgh Castle was the Crown Jewels where you will find this gorgeous Crown, Sceptre and a sword that dates back centuries ago. The history of the Crown Jewels was very exciting though specially on how they were brought up after so many years.
Very close to the Moon Battery,
 you will find a Cemetery for the Dogs.
Another thing you shouldn’t miss is the One o’clock Gun.
 Fired at 13:00 hours every day except Sunday.
A tradition that began in the 18th century.This helped shipping set the maritime clocks
 needed to navigate the globe long before satellite navigation was available.
There are so many things to do inside Edinburgh Castle. To learn more about the history, culture and more of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle is definitely the perfect place to start your tour in Edinburgh.
Treat yourself with delicious Scones and brewed Coffee at their restaurant after. Yum!
If you want to get to know more about this amazing castle: Click  EDINBURGH CASTLE 


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