/Touring YORK MINSTER CATHEDRAL in York, United Kingdom

Touring YORK MINSTER CATHEDRAL in York, United Kingdom

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A few meters walk from the Shambles of York, you will find the Gothic-inspired cathedral that is considered as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

That is the York Minster Cathedral. 

A church built during the medieval period, this place has
always been a top tourist destination when visiting York.

The cathedral is constructed using a creamy-white coloured
 rock called Magnesian limestone.
Restoration is continually undertaken in the church to preserve it’s grandeur.
Update on the restoration: Daily Mail
Gargoyles can be seen around the cathedral. It was believed that Gargoyles cast out bad spirits, but in reality, they were designed to transport water away from the side of the cathedral.
Get a glimpse of Yorkminster on this Brass Diorama.
This cathedral was so detailed,
it felt like each wall has it’s own story to tell.
The Nave is wide and tall framework of the church, and roofed
in wood to make it look like stone.
Be stunned with their very colourful stained glass windows
surrounding the cathedral.
The famous Rose Window of Yorkminster.


The Rose Window from the outside.
The choir screen in York Minster with the kings of England.


If you visit Yorkminster, going up the Central Tower should be part of your list.
A guided tour going up the tower was an extra treat and
 I could not wait to see the panoramic view of York.
It was a narrow path going up and
 it may cause a problem if you are claustrophobic. It was a steep
 climb so be sure you are fit to do it.
Knees started to shake as I am scared of heights
but I could only do this once, so I did!
The view from the top was extraordinary.
Facing towards the front of Yorkmister Cathedral from the tower.
It was a beautiful day in York.
If you are planning to visit United Kingdom, put YORK on your list, a place rich in history and great architectural structures.
If you want to check the schedule and admission rates:


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