/Naic, Cavite to Ternate, Cavite 34km LSD with Team Cavite: ESE

Naic, Cavite to Ternate, Cavite 34km LSD with Team Cavite: ESE

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Few weeks after, Team Cavite organized another challenging LSD. A 34km from Naic to Marine Base Campt located in Ternate, Cavite. I haven’t been to these places before and running along these towns would really be a great experience!
We all gathered and parked at Mr. Jeff Poblete’s house in Naic. There were some runners we haven’t met before so had time to chat with them before we started running. This is what I like about running, you get to meet people with the same passion. 

First town was Maragondon. 
Stopped at some places to buy some hydration. Don’t like what happened to me before. 
I want to be head ache free! 
And we reached the town of Ternate. This was the 2nd time Team Cavite did this route and I was warned to expect UpHELL and DownHell slopes as we get to the Marine Base. 
Jeff and Jenny with Daisy at the back… 
As usual, picture taking again! 
Time to start climbing!!
When running on the highway, stick in one line! 
Stopped again after the first uphill. Time to enjoy ourselves on this hammock. 
Daisy ready to run again.
Long slow distance is not running all the way to the end. It’s a combination of walking and running. 
Jeff, JC and DaBull making sure everyone is ok. 
Jeff with Team Cavite. 
I like this route a lot. Fresh air and beautiful scenery really kept us going aside from the support of everyone. We also passed by Puerto Azul!
While running, we came across some photographers are bird watchers. 
One photographer even showed us what he found just recently. Awesome! 
If you want to go on a hike, Pico De Loro is a must try. This was also the same route to get to that place.
Saw lots of mountaineers around the area. This place seemed to be very popular for hikers.
Time for another stop. Had boiled egg, Banana and lots of Gatorade! 
Finally we all made it safely to our destination. No injuries and everybody were smiling! Thank God!

Another great experience with the team. Also loved the fact that everybody supported one another during this LSD.  And was so proud of everybody for this was another successful event organized by the team.
Once a runner, will always be a runner! 
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