/David’s Tea House – Home of my Favorite Lemon Chicken!

David’s Tea House – Home of my Favorite Lemon Chicken!

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Every time I visit my family in Laguna, it is always a celebration. It’s either they cook my favorite Menudo or we go and eat out. And since it’s Mother’s Day, my father decided to to eat somewhere so we all suggested
 to go to Nuvali, Sta Rosa.
Nuvali was quite busy that time as so many families were celebrating the Mother’s Day. We walked around and looked for a restaurant and we found David’s Tea House. 
David’s Tea House is restaurant that serves authentic Chinese and Filipino cuisine. 

David’s Tea House is found all over Metro Manila and in nearby provinces in the South like in Calamba, Laguna and Dasmarinas, Cavite. 
Check out on Google where to find their branches: 
Looking at the menu, they have a variety of choices and the prices are quite reasonable. 

And there, I found my favorite Lemon Chicken. 
David’s Tea House was busy and full. We waited for a few minutes but we knew that our wait was going to be worth it. 

We finally found a table and immediately 
Jasmine Tea was served. (FREE)


My brother ordered Hakaw Shrimp or Shrimp Dumplings as our starter. Price: Php 105.00

Next was the NIDO with QUAIL EGG SOUP 
worth Php 205.00 . Nido Soup is the Filipino version of the Chinese Bird’s Nest Soup.

And here is a Large David’s Braised Pata Tim. A very famous Filipino dish, basically pork leg blended with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and constarch. Price:  Php 430.00

My Mom was just getting excited! Lol!
Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic. This dish is very nice and tasty and you can really taste the garlic. Just be aware that you might end up with a garlic breathe after. 
Price: Php 340.00

To balance the meal, we ordered a Brocolli Flower with Garlic. I’m sure something like this I can cook at home with less garlic.  Price: 225.00

And the best rice to compliment it all is a Yangchow Rice which is a famous Chinese fried rice. Medium size serving costs Php 600.00

One happy family just about to start our lunch!
And of course, every time I visit David’s Tea House, this is always on our table. 
 Price: Php 240.00

Lemon Chicken basically is crispy chicken strips with tangy sweet lemon sauce. Basically, it’s the sauce!
I just love this dish and so far David’s Tea House
 is the place where I can find the 
Best Lemon Chicken out there!
If you are looking for an affordable and authentic Chinese and Filipino cuisine. I highly recommend David’s Tea House!
  Aside from serving Authentic Chinese and Filipino cuisine, there is no need to travel far as they can be found anywhere. 
Mom got her Mother’s Day mug from 
David’s Tea House. Yey!
If you want to know more about David’s Tea House. 
You can check the Facebook Page : David’s Tea House

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