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Anti-Gravity at BEYOND YOGA | Alabang

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I had heard about Anti-Gravity Yoga for years now and wondered if we had a venue for this  South of Manila?  

Then I found, Beyond Yoga in Westgate, Alabang. 
I became more and more interested with this type exercise, not just because it’s something new and unique, but  because of the benefits you can get just by suspending 
yourself up in the air. 
Based on the Beyond Yoga website, AntiGravity Yoga helps decompress tight joints, relieving pressure while aligning the vertebra, and more. 
This is done while performing advance  yoga inversions without neck or back compression, holding challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment, stretch further with less strain, add an entirely new dimension to your yoga practice and create better body awareness while increasing overall agility. 
Let me give you a little information about AntiGravity Yoga. The creator of this is Christoper Harrison. Established in 1991, this yoga exercise became famous from then on and used for entertainment and now in fitness.
AntiGravity Yoga is when you slowly go upside down, you hold, and balance yourself using the AntiGravity Hammock while you are doing different AntiGravity poses. The hammock is very strong and can hold up to 2000 lbs. of weight. 
We arrived around lunch time at Beyond Yoga located in 
Westgate, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
They have apparels for sale, but you can basically wear 
anything from shorts, shirts with or without sleeves as long as 
you are comfortable. Work out shoes and jewelry are not 
The minimalist design of the place and the serene music 
surrounding  the studio make everything so relaxing and 
I also appreciated the privacy. 
It was nice, quiet and very homey. 
The FUNdamental AntiGravity Yoga class will start at 1:00 pm to be conducted by Paulo Leonido who is a Certified 
Anti-Gravity Yoga Instructor in the Philippines.  
The time has come for us to try the AntiGravity Yoga and upon entering the room, I kept asking myself whether I could do this? This was the time to find out! 
The Anti-Gravity Hammock. 
The FUNdamental class normally takes around 75 minutes and at the end of the session, you will also be
 given time to take some pictures. 
This picture was taken after the session. It was so much fun! We did several AntiGravity poses which at first were challenging but doing it the second time 
around was much smoother. 
anti gravity poses
Paulo kept telling us to always relax and trust the strength of the hammock and just basically let go which we all did in the end. I think it was a natural feeling to be anxious,  especially if you are hanging upside down but that feeling was only temporary.
After a few tries, we were able to do different Anti-Gravity poses like Spiderman, Angel Wing, Pouch Wrap, Angel Flip and Cocoon. It really felt great! 
This one is what they called Spiderman! 
This was definitely a great experience and I’m definitely doing this again! 

I really appreciated how fun the class was and yet you are getting the full benefits of the Anti-Gravity Yoga. 

No wonder so many rave about this Anti-Gravity Yoga. 
This is what they called Angel Wing pose. 
Thanks Paulo Leonido for sharing with us 
this great new way of exercising!
I also enjoyed the abdominal crunches we did while
 we were all suspended in the air. 
And lastly, Paulo asked me to do one more Anti-Gravity pose. This was a bit hard that he had to support my back just to keep me stable. But I’m sure next time, 
I will be able to do this with ease. 
Do I recommend it? Oh Definitely! 
Anti-Gravity Yoga is a great exercise and highly recommended for everyone to try! 
Looking forward to our next session!
If you want to get more information about Beyond Yoga such as their rates, studio locations and classes that they have, you can check their website:  http://www.igobeyondyoga.com/ 
You can also phone them in these numbers:  
0917-7212095, 0939-9309642

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