/Explore San Fernando, La Union in one day!
Explore San Fernando, La Union in one day!

Explore San Fernando, La Union in one day!

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This was an exciting trip for me because my friend Glenn also an explorer decided to celebrate his birthday in La Union. San Juan, La Union  where we stayed is very famous for surfing, but aside from that, I could not wait to check what La Union had to offer.

After work, I went straight to PARTAS Terminal located in Pasay. Bus leaves every hour so there is nothing to worry just in case you miss the first one. I paid around Php 470.00 and the bus trip took 7 hours with two stop overs.
The deluxe bus was very comfortable and I felt safe. Brought a neck pillow for comfortable sleep.
Stopped for dinner and bought some sweets at Kayla’s
The bus left at 4:00 pm and arrived 1:00 am due to traffic in the metro.
My friend booked a place in San Juan called Costa Villa. A very nice place, beautiful and clean. Like a house accommodation which was so nice. We cooked and prepared meals there and the bedroom was big enough for a big group which was perfect!
Slept nicely and that morning, we decided to check the San Fernando town since it’s not too far away.  I only had one day and one night in La Union so got up early and started exploring the place.
The spots we visited were very close to one another and all situated in the city or close to the city of San Fernando, La Union.
So, if you are there for a short visit, these are the places you can check out.
While in the tricycle was shocked to see FOOTSTEP shoe store.
I remembered this so well when I was a kid!


My friend Drew told us that we must visit this restaurant and we did!
We loved this place!!


After a great Halo-Halo, not far away we hired a tricycle and took us up to the Capitol Building. It’s highly elevated and you can get a nice view of the city. Let’s check the building first!
La Union’s Provincial Seal



Not far away from the Capitol Building was this pagoda. The view from the top was amazing. We’re lucky with the good weather and had a clear view of the city.
Me with my friends/ explorers!
Up up and away!!!


From the Capitol Building to the Pagoda we walked down all the way to the town and came across this church. When we arrived it was closed but the architecture of this church was beautiful!


Right across the church, we saw their town plaza. It’s huge and those pillars were just perfect for some picture taking.


Since we came there to celebrate the birthday of our friend Glenn, we were told that we must visit this place for cakes and pastries. This is believed to be the best cake place in San Fernando.
Once you ordered, that’s the time that they will create your cake from scratch. Since ours was just a simple cake it didn’t took long for our cake to be prepared.  Tasted some of their cakes while waiting and it was really really delicious!
Owners were very kind and we had some photos with them.
Time to go back to Costa Villa, and was impressed that they had electric fan to cool the passengers while waiting for the jeep to get full. And that was service! Only in La Union!
After an afternoon nap, we went for a swim at the beach. No waves though since it’s not yet their surfing season but that didn’t stopped us from enjoying ourselves there.
We could always think of something else to do aside from swimming at the beach, VOLLEYBALL!!!
Sunset was almost near and the staff of Costa Villa arranged our dinner at the beach and organized the BBQ for us.
As I walked back to shower, I couldn’t take my eyes off of this beautiful sunset!
Lechon arrived and our friend Drew chopped it out for us. No one knows how to! Lol…
What a night and birthday party it was! Full of fun memories!
Group picture with the owners of the resort!
The Birthday celebrant Glenn Salazar!!!
Time to say good bye for now and thanks to the owners and staff of Costa Villa for the great service you provided us.
One of our friend told us that Baguio wasn’t far away. For us, it was a great idea since I haven’t been to Baguio for years and I want to feel the cold again.  We took Partas Bus to Baguio which only took us around 2 hours. The fare wasn’t that much. Went to SM Baguio for lunch, some friends attended the mass at the cathedral and took a bus back to Manila after!
This trip was really great! Even for a short time, there is always something to do and no time can be wasted. Thanks a lot to our Birthday celebrant Glenn Salazar for the accommodation at Costa Villa and introducing La Union to us. And to all who made this trip memorably awesome from La Union to Baguio and back to Manila .
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