/Halo-Halo de Iloko in La Union – The best Halo-Halo I’ve tasted!

Halo-Halo de Iloko in La Union – The best Halo-Halo I’ve tasted!

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As I was planning my trip to La-Union with some friends, people kept on telling me that I should visit this place, Halo-Halo De Iloko. Arrived early morning and with only few hours sleep. We decided to go and check this place out. The weather was really hot and humid so we decided to try the most awaited Halo-Halo!! A place always visited by celebrities, tourists and locals!
As we arrived, all of a sudden I got excited seeing the place outside.It’s beautiful and looks like a fun place to hang out! I’m loving the concept!

It was very sunny but that didn’t stop of from taking pictures of the outside. 😉


The facade.


The interior was very nice. So many interesting items to look at but not over decorated. Once inside, you can feel the real taste of the place which is good. I liked the uniqueness!


Entrance to the outside dining area.




The entrance door to the restuarant.


I took a picture of their menu so you can check the prices and their food.


Halo-halo choices. We had the Fiesta Halo-Halo and Buko Halo-Halo.
Someone told me that they also offered Fried Halo-Halo. It’s not in their menu but you can ask them about that.






 It’s a two storey place and have tables outside where we decided to sit. We asked the people there about the theme of the restaurant and they said it’s a Modern Antique inspired!




 The friendly staff of Halo-Halo de Iloko.



This is a must try. Their very famous Okoy Tikyoso with their signature vinegar. It delicious!!!!


And yes, this is what we’ve been waiting for!


They have different kinds of Halo-Halo in their menu.
Vincent ordered a more expensive one yet it’s all worth it!


With our Halo-Halo outside the restaurant.




The place upstairs is beautiful! With the different artifacts and antique collections of the place. It surely will delight the eye!



Very happy customers!
No wonder people were raving about this place. This is definitely a place to visit when you go or stop in La Union.  Good food, best Halo-Halo for me and the place was awesome!
Thank you very much, till next time!


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