/Camp Benjamin – It’s more than what we expected!

Camp Benjamin – It’s more than what we expected!

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One of the most awaited event  for us is our School Camp. I was the one tasked to search for a place and I want to make sure that it’s going to be a worthwhile experience to all.
After a week of looking for a camp site or a place with a team building facility, I found Camp Benjamin in Alfonso, Cavite.
Not just because it’s closer to us but looking at their profile, I think I made the right decision! And I said to myself, this is where our camp will be held!

id all the proposals, phoned them, schedule set and were go to go!  I like how they organized everything, they also offered a bus service and a Lakbay Aral Package that is suited for the students.

The bus were very prompt and arrived on time.
Their function area that can accommodate big groups.
Once you are checked-in, you can swim anytime you
want into this beautiful infinity pool.
First part of our program was the trip to their organic farm.
They made their own disinfectant spray out of natural ingredients.
They also let students do it and they loved it!
They also have some animals in captivity and they were so generous enough to let our students touch some of them.
With all the activities in the WIN Farm, students and teachers were also given a chance to plant some in their garden. Our students enjoyed it so much and you can feel that they were so overwhelmed with everything!
Right after lunch, we started straight with the rest of the activities and what can I say!
They were divided into four groups and each one will have challenges they need to finish. Who ever gets the shortest time in all challenges wins!
This was very challenging, it may look easy but it’s not!
They never thought they will have the opportunity to try zip line.
Going downhill was muddy and slippery, but it was fun still!
This tunnel was scary specially if you are scared of confined spaces but I kept on telling them, face your fears!
The highlight of all the activities was the BUBBLE SLIDE!
The Dormitel room was really good. We all had a comfortable sleep and the common bath rooms were very clean and you can see the staff always maintaining the cleanliness of the place.
They have Mon’s Restaurant, who served us delicious foodie!
At the end of the night before going to bed, students wrote their dreams on the balloons and released at the same time. Each balloons had led lights on them and it looked so nice watching the balloons sparkle in the air with our dreams in it!
Bon Fire and the Yell Performance!
I love running, so while everyone were asleep, I decided to do a barefoot 5km jog!
Devotion time before breakfast.
Second day was very sunny and still have time for more swimming and zip line.
Their basketball court.
Before heading home, I went back to visit the WIN FARM to get some fresh produce and plants.
In the farm they have fresh produce and different varieties of plants that are for sale.
Some of students were braved enough to wall climbed.
Camp Benjamin really exceeded our expectation. Students really had a great time and so as teachers. Even though it’s an overnight event, no time was wasted.
 I would like to thank Pia, Ena and the rest of the Camp Benjamin staff for making this very special for us.
This place is highly recommended to all the schools, company groups who’s looking for a great place to hold their team building activities.  The location, the food, the place, and the people of Camp Benjamin will make sure that this will be a memorable experience for you!
Their website is not running properly but you can contact them here:


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