/How to Get to the Beautiful Camiguin Island.

How to Get to the Beautiful Camiguin Island.

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Camiguin Island is an island where you can find all the adventures you want. From diving, hiking, snorkeling and many more. Even visiting Camiguin Island is also very easy. Here’s how!
Since I came by boat via M/V St. Gregory The Great, I arrived early morning from the port of Cagayan De Oro.


To get to Camiguin Island, you first need to find your way to Agora Bus Terminal. Here, buses travel to different points of Mindanao from CDO.
Instead of getting a Taxi which you can find easily, I decided to take a Motorela since I only had one bag with me. This is their own version Tuk-Tuks.


The Moterela was packed. 4 people in each row and because we were too heavy. We always hit the hump every time we passed over one.  I find this really fun though,  It’s something you don’t experience else where. It’s worth trying!


The trip from the port area to Agora Bus Station took us around 15 -20 minutes using the Moterela and I paid Php 60.00.
When I arrived at Agora Bus Terminal, was impressed how clean the place was and how things were very organized even the toilets were clean.
There is an entrance fee of Php 3.00!



Just in case you need more cash, there are ATM’s around the terminal which is so convenient.
Once you are inside the terminal, look for the one that goes to Butuan. This bus will stop at the  Balingoan Terminal from where you can leave to Camiguin.


 Buy a ticket at this booth and it will cost you Php 145.00. The name of the bus is Bachelor Express.


When you arrive at Balingoan Port, buy a ticket and pay  Php 170.00. There are several ships that go to Camiguin. But I think the last trip is at 5:00 pm . So as long as you arrive before then, you surely will catch one .


From the Balingoan Port, you can already see the Island of Camiguin. I’m just so excited to be here again. My grandmother came from here that is why I feel like this is my second home.


You will hopped on to this type of boat. They call it Lantsa. 





Other ways of getting to Camiguin Island:

If you are coming from Cagayan De Oro and don’t want to do this, you can try check on the Ocean Jet. They go from CDO to Benoni Camiguin to Jagna Bohol.
Now, they now have Cebu Pacific, flying from Cebu to Camiguin which will surely bring more tourists to the island.  Link: http://www.cebupacificair.com


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