/Fresh Produce always at Gourmet’s Food in Tagaytay

Fresh Produce always at Gourmet’s Food in Tagaytay

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Gourmet Farm already created a landmark if you are planning to visit Tagaytay City. Located along Aguinaldo Highway in Silang, Cavite. There is no way you can miss Gourmet Farm. It’s worth the stop and shop for fresh produce and organic items. They are also known for their Gourmet Coffees and Salad Dressings that we see in the market nowadays. 

They have herb plants for sale at an affordable price. 
Country Store is their mini shop where you can get fruits and vegetables and most of them came from their farm also located at the same place. 

Once inside you are going to smell the fresh roasted coffee beans which smells so nice. Dried chips are also available and it’s a must try. 
They have organic items such as soaps, oils, liniments and other items for sale at  the Country Store. 

 The store is also a dining area. They serve coffees, teas, sandwiches and salads. Tasted their salads before and you can really taste the freshness of it. It’s delicious!

These cookies are very nice. It’s better to try all of them. Just get one or two of each. I’m telling you they are all yummy!

Gourmet Farm definitely is a great place to stop to shop and dine when coming from or going to Tagaytay area or somewhere close. 

Contact information:

Address : Km. 52, Aguinaldo Highway, Buho, Silang, Cavite
Telephone :(046) 414.1049 Telefax: (046) 414.0138
Email : [email protected]

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