/Beautiful Alona Beach in Panglao Island in Bohol

Beautiful Alona Beach in Panglao Island in Bohol

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From a great experience on the Island of Camiguin, it is now time for me to go to my next destination and that is BOHOL.


When I was in Bohol many years ago, we always went to Alona Beach in Panglao Island. The last time I was there was 6 years ago that’s why I was so excited to see what it was going to look like at present.
Finally Ocean Jet fast ferry arrived. For some reason they arrived late. Getting into the boat was so intense. It was a hot humid day and many people were going to Bohol.
Make sure you keep your balance otherwise you fall off straight down
(hope they could do something about the safety of passengers). 
Reminder: Once you have a ticket, go to the office and confirm it again and get a seat number. Make sure you have a seat number.  This was the problem for some passengers because they were not notified about the protocol.
Anyway, the trip was nice and it wasn’t as bumpy as I expected.
The trip took less then 4 hours.
From Camiguin, you will arrive at Jagna Port. From Jagna, so many buses and UV Express Vans are waiting for passengers.
We took the van and paid Php 100.00.
Part of my vacation was also to to visit my relatives in Tagbilaran City. I came with my Uncle from Camiguin since we attended the reunion there.
When we arrived at their place in Tagbilaran, she asked if I like salad and if I eat flowers. So I said, I like salads and flowers sound very interesting. She was planning to take us to
Bohol Bee Farm. 
I really had no idea about the place. What I had in mind was that we were going to the middle of the forest and see bees flying over us and eat anything with honey. I was clueless! Lol..
First word when we arrived was WOW, and again WOW WOW WOW!!!!
I was overwhelmed with the place. Never expected this place was going to be that beautiful.
I wish I could have a painting here.
They even had an indoor pool. No need to worry about the Sun here.
I like the fact that everything they grow is Organic!
As we entered the restaurant  I saw this place and I said that’s where I want to sit. A bit demanding, but I didn’t want to miss this view. It’s spectacular!
A lovely family and I as a photo bomber! ha ha!
My cousin and I walked down and saw these beds. I just wanted to lie down and rest..
 It’s so peaceful here!
This picture says it all! Relaxation!
Walked back up, ordered and food started to arrive.
I ordered the Lemon Grass Juice and it was delicious! I used the lemon grass as my straw. haha!
 Squash Bread with Mango and Pesto Butter Spread. Divine!
Their own version of tortilla with a nice dip. I think the tortilla is made of rice.
This seafood soup is just so nice and fresh. Best soup I had so far!
And finally my Aunt ordered me a Blue Marlin with Red Rice and Salad. HEAVEN!
The flavors complemented each other so well. Truly Delicious and Fresh and most of all Healthy! I felt like i wanted flowers in every meal I eat.
I was so spoilt here and I really thank my Aunt and Uncle for taking me here to this beautiful place Bohol Bee Farm.
P.S. Don’t forget to try their Sorbets. They are the best and a great way to end your visit at the restaurant.
Arrived at Alona Beach at night and slept early since I had a long day.
I stayed at Playa Blanca. For this Nipa Hut I paid Php 800.00 per night. It’s just a fan room. What I like about this place was it’s very close to the beach. You can even hear the waves from your room.Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Playa-Blanca-De-Asteria-Panglao-Island-Bohol/118182761601093

I’ve been looking for a place to eat breakfast so I tried Trudis Place. This restaurant is one of the cheapest places to eat along Alona Beach.
Here are the prices of their breakfast.
I really enjoyed my continental breakfast and brewed coffee in the morning.

Done with my breakfast and now it’s time to walk around the coast and be wowed by it’s beauty!


Alona Beach is also a great place for to visit. They now call this place Little Boracay of Bohol.
Nowadays, there are so many restaurants and bars in Alona Beach.
If you are craving for a burger this is a must try.
This place was just across where I stayed Playa Blanca. This is where I could be found at Sunset.
Diving is very popular in Alona. The island is gifted with diverse coral reefs.
If you are craving for a nice coffee, you must try Karl’s Coffee. Their coffee doesn’t come cheap but when I tasted their coffee, it was really good!
Another place to visit if you want to buy some souvenirs. Try visiting Tarsier Botanika. Here you will find so many items and all export quality. They even have a delicatessen and a restaurant in case you want to dine in here.


They look delicious!
Another cheap place to eat is here at Alona Hidden Dream. I decided to eat here
for lunch and ordered for a Combo Meal and the food was ok.
I think this is the biggest resort in Alona at the moment. The Alona Kew Resort. 
At night, Alona is so alive with bands and restaurants along the beach. There are so many choices. Each of them offers grilled foods and set up their food to choose like this.
I’ve talked to so many people, tourist and locals around Alona and they told me that Pernia’s Dine and Grill is the cheapest restuarant in Alona. Their grilled chicken and food looks really good and so many local and foreign tourist are really dining here. It can also get full sometime.
On my last night, I want to treat myself for all the travelling I had done and I was craving for a Pizza. But, I ended up ordering Calzone since Pizza might be too big for me.
This is a must try.
Here are their prices.
In addition, on my last day. It was also the day before the Feast Day of Tagbilaran. They call it Saulog Festival. Checked my Facebook and saw a note that a street parade was going to take place in the afternoon on the same day.
I rushed and hired a motorbike for 150.00 to Tagbilaran and finally found them all dressed up beautifuly. I haven’t seen anything like this before that’s why I was so keen to see.
I was teary when I was watching them. I was very appreciative and it really made me proud of being a Filipino. The costumes and performances are World Class!
Saulog Festival is only just in Tagbilaran City. They have a big event called Sandugo Festival some time in March.
Since I was in the city. I walked around and saw their Cathedral. I cannot go in since I
was wearing shorts.  Just on the side of the cathedral, I found a motorbike that would take me back to Alona Beach.
What a vacation, this was! I never thought I would be able to do something like this alone. I’m just so thankful of this opportunity was given to me. Exploring is not just about going to different places, but its also a chance to get to know yourself  more.


Time to go back to Manila. Thanks Camiguin and Bohol and
 thank you to all the people I met during my trip.




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