/Park’NFly – The Best Airport Parking along NAIA!

Park’NFly – The Best Airport Parking along NAIA!

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Everytime we fly somewhere, we always take our car with us and park it at the airport. We just find it more convenient to have your car with you when you travel for a few days. 
We normally leave our car at NAIA Terminal 3 but parking can be very challenging. Sometimes, it took us a long time just to find parking at that Terminal.
Since we are flying on a different carrier and there is no overnight parking at Terminal 4. 
Park’NFly is a great option!  
Park’NFly is easy to spot. It has a big sign that cannot be missed and next to an intersection and PTT Petrol Station.  

Park’NFly is open 24 hours and provides a free airport shuttle. They will pick you up as well when you arrived at the airport. You definitely have nothing to worry at all! 
Their parking rate is Php 381.00 good for 24 hours. 
You also need to present your ORCR at the front desk. 
You will just hand them the key and they will park your car for you. 
After a few minutes of paper works and waiting, our shuttle finally arrived that will take 
us to Terminal 4.
Their shuttle service is very clean and spacious. 

Tipping is not required.

 Even the driver of the shuttle service was in uniform. We somehow felt like VIP’s! 

We definitely made the right choice of going to Park’NFly. The service is excellent and we know that our car is taken care of.

Phone Numbers: 
(02) 854-9302 to 04

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