/Activities and Rates at Ocean Adventure in Subic

Activities and Rates at Ocean Adventure in Subic

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It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to Ocean Adventure and knowing that our guests would like to surprise their son on a Dolphin Encounter, I also got excited!
From Manila to Subic is around 4 hours drive. Better to leave early to avoid the traffic in Manila. But, once you are NLEX (North Luzon Expressway), the drive will be very smooth. Just make sure you watch your speed. 😉
Even before we arrived at Ocean Adventure, I already called and MADE A RESERVATION that we wanted to do the Dolphin Encounter. It’s advisable to phone them ahead of time as they have time slots for all of their activities. We were lucky to receive the 12:00 noon slot.
Here are the rates of Ocean Adventure.


Rates of Animal Encounter


Once you paid for all the fees, they will hand you this Park Schedule. This will be your guide inside the park.


First act is the Balancing Act with the African Acrobats. I really appreciate the programs they have because taking Care of the Environment is always integrated in every show or performances they have.


A lot of jaw dropping stunts. Yet, they really put on a great show!



After the first show, we went straight to the Briefing Hut for the Dolphin Encounter.


Here they will discuss the Do’s and Dont’s once you are next to the Dolphin.


  There is really nothing to worry about the Dolphins. Some of the kids were afraid at first but they are totally harmless and well-trained.
After the briefing, time to go to the Dolphin Lagoon where the encounter will take place.


Before you go down, sanitation is important to keep their Dolphins healthy and safe.


Everybody was very excited with the encounter. I could imagine how rare it is to actually touch and be next to a real Dolphin. It’s a dream!


Once you are in the water with the Dolphins, they will first explain some facts and information about the Dolphins so it’s also an educational activity.
You will also be doing some activities with the dolphins such as feeding them, instructing some directions and   even to hug and kiss them.




This Dolphin Encounter really is a great experience for all. Not just for kids but also for the whole family.  The encounter will normally last at a maximum of 30 Minutes. In addition, this could be a great surprise for your child!
After this great experience, we went straight to Sea Lion Point.

This is a very entertaining show. They even include guests in the show which makes it more entertaining.



They also tell people that taking care of our environment benefits not just us but also the marine species. I liked that!



Time for the big event, the Dolphin Show. Before the show these guys (Kawangis ng Tribu ) performed first. I love the drum beat, it’s very festive!


These Dolphins are amazing… I just wanna see them up in the air always! They are beautiful!



 One thing we observed here, They are loved and it’s home for them.



After all the activities we’ve done, time to get the photos from the Dolphin Encounter. The fee is Php 500.00 and they will give you a cd with other pictures of the Dolphin included. I think it’s really worth it as this was a great experience!


  Other site that you could check out are the Ocean Aquarium and Sea Trek.


Ocean Adventure Promos and Updated Rates

Contact Details:Ocean Adventure
Telephone Nos. +63 (47) 252-9000, +63 (47) 252-5885
Fax No. +63 (47) 252-5883


Manila Marketing Office
Telephone No. +63 (2) 706-3344 to 46



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