/Kinder City – Your Best Indoor Playground in the Philippines

Kinder City – Your Best Indoor Playground in the Philippines

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In this time of Covid-19 restrictions, it’s been challenging for kids to enjoy a normal playground experience. Thankfully, with the easing of IATF rules, establishments have started to reopen as long as safety protocols are in place.

As a parent, I was eager to find a place where my kids could have fun while staying safe. And that’s when I discovered Kinder City! This indoor playground is a haven for kids, and with the safety measures in place, I felt confident that my kids would be protected while having a great time.

Since we are located in the South, Kinder City Evia and Kind City NOMO were the closest. On our first visit, we decided to visit the Kinder City Evia first! But before going, here are the things that you need to remember or do first.

  1. Book ONLINE first here, https://kindercity.com.ph/
  2. Prices are all indicated on their website.
  3. All companions must be FULLY VACCINATED.
  4. All ages must wear masks the while inside the playground.

After booking the tickets online, we drove to EVIA Mall and went straight to Kinder City and my first impression was OMG! It was huge and when our kids saw it, they couldn’t wait to go in. Kids are only allowed to play for an hour. After that, there is a scheduled time for disinfection. That is actually really good to know because at least we were assured that our kids were going to be safe the whole time plus the wearing of the mask inside. Staff were also very accommodating and always on hand to make sure that kids are ok and to prevent accidents from happening.

Kinder City is not your ordinary playground. Aside from the thrilling slides, this place is also educational. Once inside, you will find a miniature grocery store, restaurants, hospitals, fire station, music room, play house, and so much more. I really liked it because from there, you are already teaching your kids about life skills and maybe, you are seeing what their interests are that may lead to future careers. 

What I like about Kinder City is that adults could also come in and have fun with their kids. And I must admit, we felt that we had more fun than the kids because we could climb with them, we could use the slides, and so much more. We all enjoyed the tarpaulins, giant slides, and colorful balls. I never experienced that when I was a child! 

Kinder City in general is a great experience. Not just for your kids but also for adults. It’s a great place to bond with your children too and with the different activities you can do in an hour inside, you will leave the place with a smile and joy in your hearts. The staff was very accommodating the whole time and the facilities were topnotch. No wonder, for me, this is probably the best indoor playground in the Philippines. 

Kinder City NOMO in Molino Bacoor City Cavite


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