/Make your MERMAID dreams come true on Boracay Island!

Make your MERMAID dreams come true on Boracay Island!

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Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the famous White Beacg of Boracay Island offers its visitors tons of activities to do. Among all of these activities, there is one that can make your Boracay holiday something to remember.
When we told our friends that we were going to Boracay, they immediately told us that they wanted to try the mermaids. So I immediately searched on the internet and found The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy 
mermaid boracay island

The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy is located at Fisheye Divers which is basically next to Starbucks at Station 2. It is very easy to locate and the locals know where it is.
The weather was so perfect and right after breakfast, we immediately went to Fisheye Divers and registered for the Photo-Op for Php1000.00 . We were also told that the best time to do it is in the mornings.
After the registration, they brought out the tails and they were so cool – the colors are so vibrant.  They come in different sizes and with the elastic material, there is definitely a mermaid tail for everyone.
mermaid tails
No matter what your age or size, anyone could become a mermaid/ merman.
After choosing the tails, we walked right across the beach, put on the tails and let start posing.
mermaid tails boracay
Remember to bring your camera or phone with you for the photos. The photo op takes around 30 minutes.
And during the photo op, the staff will instruct you on different poses to get that perfect mermaid photo of you. It was so cool and the beach was so clear which was perfect for the photo shoot.
In addition to your photo ops, get used to other tourists taking photos of you because indeed this is one of the coolest thing they’ve seen.
After the photo-op, everyone was so happy about the experience. And all of us couldn’t wait to look at the photos.
The whole activity was actually really fun. We would also like to thank Anamie of the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy for everything and assisting us throughout. And who knows, it could be my turn to become merman next time!
For rates and other information,
 you may check their Facebook Page :
Mobile Number:
(63) 917-324-3947

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