/Surfing The Wonders of Baler, Aurora [Part II]
Surfing The Wonders of Baler, Aurora [Part II]

Surfing The Wonders of Baler, Aurora [Part II]

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 After a long day touring Baler, all of us had a great sleep and were able to recover from staying up too long.  Looked outside and saw this awesome view of the waves and Sabang beach. Also were very happy that the weather was really excellent! Perfect time for surfing!

If you walk around, you will find many places to eat breakfast.
That morning we had our breakfast at Bay’s Inn Restaurant.
That day, we checked out from Pacific Waves Inn and moved to a different place which is called Bahia De Baler /Costa Pacifica. For me, I think this is one of the biggest resorts along Sabang beach. I also think that this is poshest resort in the area.
We were picked up from our resort and transported all the way to Bahia De Baler
and we’re loving it!
When we arrived, we were given this refreshing Coconut Juice
and a cold towel to freshen us up.
I wasn’t able to take pictures of the room, but based from my experience they have the most comfortable beds and room.  We were simply loving Bahia De Baler.
Their pavillion, we had a buffet breakfast here overlooking the ocean.
In my previous blog, we ate at a 100 Pesos Store. On our 2nd day, we wanted to have something different so we went to the Rolling Stores which was located at the town of Baler. You can take a tricycle to get there. Bahia De Baler transported us all the way here.
So many to chose from and all were very affordable. I went for a Tuna Fillet which cost me Php 50.00 and Php 5.00 for the rice. It was delicious! Something you should consider eating out when you visit Baler.
Burp!!! All were very satisfied with their meal.
Not far from the Rolling stores was Museo De Baler. We felt that it was worth
the visit so we did.
We passed by their Municipal Hall.
Time to go back to Bahia De Baler and we went for a quick dip.
Mid afternoon, we went back to Mahdox Surf and enrolled ourselves
 for an hour lesson of Surfing.
It costs 350 per hour. I think this is the standard price. We were just so excited since this was something new to us.
Oh yes, a quick lesson on land and we’re  ready to surf!
This is what Mahdox Surfing School taught me! And I was so impressed with myself.
Fell many times but my trainer always reminded me of things I should do
and should not have done.
All in all of us were able to stand on the board and just having a great time surfing. We’re simply loving the experience!
Us with the our great Mahdox Trainers. After we went surfing, the trainers of Mahdox even played volleyball with us. We didn’t win the game though but all of us had fun.
I really like Mahdox Surf School a lot! The trainers and staff were very friendly and accommodating to us. And you always see smiles on their faces.
On our last night in Baler, we walked and looked for a place to eat and we came across Baler Surfer Grill. How cool is this idea to make the Beetle your grill?  This is super cool!
After dinner, time to celebrate for this trip was a very memorable, fun and successful holiday for all 8 of us. Most importantly, friendship grew amongst us and we even met other friends from Manila.
Another place we hung out was Freddies Bar and Grill. We enjoyed ourselves dancing with the live band and one of my friend even had a chance to perform using his POI.
On our last day in Baler, we wanted to go for another surf. We wanted to make the most of our trip. Rented a surf board for Php 200.00 for an hour.
Time to head back to Manila and would like to thank everybody who were part of this trip. Baler has it’s beauty of it’s own that they should be proud of. This won’t be my last time in Baler, since we are planning already for our second visit.
Great People, Beautiful Baler simply  means we had Perfect Holiday!
Where we stayed:  Pacific Waves Inn and Bahia De Baler
Where we ate: Baylers Inn, Baylers View Restaurant, Bahia De Baler, Rolling Store,
Carlitos Restaurant
Surfing school: Mahdox Surfing School
Total budget: Php 6000.00

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