/LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector | It’s Smarter Than You Think!

LUMOS RAY Smart Home Cinema Projector | It’s Smarter Than You Think!

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As a movie lover and a person who loves going to cinemas, the recent lockdown really affected me, as it did so many other moviegoers. Instead, most people watch movies online in their own homes. But, to be honest, there is nothing like watching movies on a big screen – right? Well, I think I found a solution to that, a LUMOS RAY Smart projector!

Instead of going out, we decided to get ourselves a home cinema set-up and that’s when I found out about LUMOS RAY projector. I was actually skeptical at first because it is quite small and I wondered whether the small size would cope with big screen projection and deliver high-quality resolution? Sounds too good to be true – right? But with the price that is on offer now, it was worth taking the risk.

Two Types of LUMOS RAY


The regular version DOES NOT support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the Keystone Correction. It requires an external input such as a laptop/USB/TV box to display content.


The smart version has its own operating system (Android OS). It is Wi-Fi enabled with Inbuilt Netflix, YouTube, Casting Apps, Playstore & Bluetooth.

So do not be confused as they both look the same, but get the SMART one as you get so many features that you will definitely enjoy.

When we received the projector, I was really excited and couldn’t wait to give it a try. I’ve read reviews as well and they were all very positive.  After using this for a few days now, here are my thoughts about our LUMOS RAY.


One thing that makes the LUMOS RAY projector stand out is its design. From the conventional shape of the projector, they really thought of the design very well. I like the combination of modernity and the minimalist look of this projector. Having a handle strap also adds to the mobility of this projector.  Its small size makes it an unobtrusive addition to your house that can easily be moved to any other viewing location. 


Some projectors can be very complicated, but with the LUMOS RAY, I never experienced any technical difficulties at all.  The unit is very simple and all the ports you need are found at the back of the projector. Wire connectors are also available in the box. However, you may not need to use any of the ports or the wires because you can easily connect through your wi-fi and you are good to go. Having the remote control helps the navigation process.

You can also mirror the screen from your smartphone as long as you are both connected to the same wi-fi. You can play streaming music, you can use this for online meetings, for games, and so much more. It’s that easy to use!


YouTube and Netflix ready.

Who doesn’t love watching these two streaming apps? As a movie fan, we love watching Netflix every day, especially at night when all the family is complete. Just log on to your Netflix account using the remote control, and enjoy watching your favorite movies with your LUMOS RAY projector. And with the help of the inbuilt Android OS, you can easily download movie streaming apps. In our case, we also added HBO GO to the list. I am so happy that all these are installed in this projector, it is definitely smarter than you think!

Built-in Dolby Audio.

Who would have thought that LUMOS RAY has a built-in Dolby sound? And yes, it does make a difference! I am actually quite surprised when I heard that sound because it can be pretty loud especially if you are using it in your bedroom. Aside from watching a movie, you can use it for playing YouTube music, Spotify, and other music streaming apps with its Bluetooth technology. You may also connect your external Bluetooth speaker to LUMOS RAY easily if you are in a very wide space or outdoors. 

High Definition.

When we first used LUMOS RAY for a Netflix movie, we were very surprised by how clear the resolution was. With a projector designed for easy mobility, you can enjoy the 720p to 1080p clarity you’ve always wanted. I tested it and yes this is a high-definition projector.

It also has 3000 lumens brightness making images and videos clear especially in dark places. And if you placed your LUMOS RAY 3 meters away from the white wall, you can have a full 100-inch screen! That was amazing!

Oh, and if you wondered how you could level the projection on the wall even if you don’t have the right angle, no worries because of the Keystone correction feature of LUMOS RAY. Under the keystone, you can manually adjust the corners to make it look level on the wall. We had our projector slightly tilted because the wall was a bit high, but because of this feature, we never had a problem at all and got to enjoy the movie in its perfect position.


While we were watching a movie, we really felt that we were  watching inside the cinema except we were surrounded by our dogs. LOL But kidding aside,  LUMOS RAY is simply an amazing appliance.


Compared to any other projectors out there in the market, LUMOS RAY definitely offers a good price in terms of quality and versatility. The LUMOS RAY Regular is priced at Php 8,999.00 while the LUMOS RAY Smart is priced at Php 11,999. Both include a 1-year warranty as well.

With very little difference in price, you can enjoy the different features such as  Wi-Fi enabled with built-in Netflix, YouTube, Casting Apps, Playstore & Bluetooth.

If you want to buy a LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector, it is now available directly from LUMOS Projector via their website : LUMOS RAY  

All in all, I am just so happy and pleased that we finally have LUMOS RAY Smart Projector at home. It’s small and compact making it easy to take anywhere if you have parties or any gathering with families and friends. The features of this projector are beyond what I expect from a projector. In fact, it exceeded my expectations and I don’t know if I will find a similar projector in the market.

Now the question, is it worth getting one for yourself or for your house? Oh, without a doubt!


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