/Lola Nena’s now has a branch in Imus Cavite

Lola Nena’s now has a branch in Imus Cavite

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When I used to work in Manila, I heard about Lola Nena’s all the time and how great their donuts and other food items were. I was so tempted to order one so I could bring it home to Cavite to have a taste, but I guess I don’t need to do that anymore…

because Lola Nena’s has finally opened in Imus, Cavite. A few days ago, I was driving along Aguinaldo Highway and I saw a lot of people queuing up and they were all lined up in front of Lola Nena’s. For the information of everyone, they are very famous for their Pichi-Pichi , Triple Cheese Donuts and Toasted Siopao.

I was so excited to finally give these delicacies a taste that I decided to get a takeaway. It was lunch time when I arrived so there was not much of a queue and I got my order in time.  As always, I asked for the best seller first and they recommended the Trpple Cheese and the Toasted Siopao.


Lola Nena’s Menu

Here is the menu of Lola Nena’s for your reference.

If you are going to look at the menu, you can tell that their food is affordable. I cannot wait to try the other items on their menu soon. Proper safety protocols were also implemented well and the staff are all wearing masks and hairnets to make sure your food is safe.

Lola Nena’s Heating Instructions

So I finally went home with my orders and when you opened the box, there are instructions on how you can heat their food. We put it in the oven and waited for it to heat properly.

Once heated, we had our lunch, we immediately gave the triple cheese donut a try and they were delicious. I love the contrast of the sweetness and the saltiness of the cheese. Since they were baked, the cheese was melted. Just be careful as it can be hot and burn your tongue. Let it cool down for a bit before biting into it.

The toasted siopao was also very delicious and the stuffed meat was very flavorful. All in all, both the donut and the siopao were really good and no wonder so many people are raving about Lola Nena’s. The next day, we still had some donuts left and what we did was we tried and fried them. I am telling you, it was divine! That is something you could also try with your donuts.

In general, I am so pleased that there is now Lola Nena’s in Imus, Cavite. This is a great addition, making new flavors available in the Cavite area. As for me, I cannot really wait to try their bagnet, pichi-pichi and a lot more! If you cannot find where Lola Nena’s is located in Imus, it’s just right across from the International British Academy in Anabu 2D, Imus City.    Oh, you can also order on Grab Food!

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