/Beach Camping at Parconete Beach, Nasugbu Batangas

Beach Camping at Parconete Beach, Nasugbu Batangas

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When we talk about Nasugbu Batangas, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach and there are many to visit. You have Fortune Island, which is very popular with tourists, and many others along the coast of Nasugbu.

Another thing that Nasugbu is known for is Beach Camping! Nasugbu has so many coves to choose from; I visited Layag-Layag Beach many years ago but it is now closed. We also tried camping at Bituin Beach and Kayraang Beach, and that was so much fun!

This time, we were referred to one cove along  Barangay Papaya, and it’s called Parconete Beach.

Upon arriving, it’s nice to see that there are trees where we could set up our tents.

The Parconete Cove is not that far away from the main town of Barangay Papaya. The boat ride took 10 mins to get to the beach, and the water was pretty safe and calm.

It may be rocky in some parts, but in general, it’s a white sand beach!

There are no cottages in the resort, and a tent is a must, especially if you are planning to stay overnight. What is good about this place is they have a common toilet and bath.

There were not that many people because you pay extra to enjoy the place, but I am telling you, it’s worth it. It’s white sand; the water is crystal clear, and it was tranquil during our visit.

The sunset and sunrise were amazing at this spot, and the beach itself was very clean.


Oh! This is also a perfect place for snorkeling as you will find a lot of coral, even in the shallow water. Compared to other beaches that we visited around Barangay Papaya, Parconete beach is actually a great place to swim. It’s not too shallow, and it’s not too deep either.

We were so happy because we spent so much time swimming at this cove. In the end, we realized that this is one of the best places for beach camping in Nasugbu, and we felt very safe as well during our camp.

There is a network signal, too, so you can always keep in touch, especially if there is an emergency. I cannot wait to go back. And as for budget, it is definitively within everyone’s budget! And for a piece of advice, always practice CLEAN AS YOU GO [ CLAYGO]!

Let’s protect our nature because, in the end, we are the ones who will benefit and get to enjoy places like this.

If you want to visit Parconete Cove, please get in touch with Kuya Casiano 



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