/Serbisyo Beterinaryo Animal Hospital – Dasmarinas Cavite

Serbisyo Beterinaryo Animal Hospital – Dasmarinas Cavite

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As a pet lover, you know that taking care of your pets is a priority, and that means taking them to the veterinary clinic for injections, general check-ups, and in case there is an emergency. Yet, not all veterinary clinics have emergency services, and not all clinics run for 24 hours. This is just one of the services that set Serbisyo Beterinaryo Animal Hospital apart from other veterinary clinics or animal hospitals in Cavite.

Located in Dasmarinas, Cavite along Aguinaldo Highway, Serbisyo Beterinaryo is the newest or maybe one of the few Animal Hospitals in Cavite province. This is what we need! And it’s 24 hours, which is amazing!


We had this scenario before: one our dogs suddenly developed paralysis in his hind legs, and we battled where to find a veterinary clinic or hospital in Cavite that was open late at night. We waited until morning before we took our dog to the hospital, but we felt so bad that we couldn’t do anything for hours.

But now we have an animal hospital in Cavite. From where we live, it’s not too far away, so it’s perfect. We visited the animal hospital as one of our dogs had suffered a wound, and we really liked how clean the place was. There is enough parking space outside. And once you entered,  It’s big, spacious and clean!

There is no reservation in the animal hospital, which is good, so it is on a first-come, first-served basis!

Serbisyo Beterinaryo Staff & Services

We appreciate this animal hospital because of the different services that they offer aside from the consultation such as the blood tests, vaccination, deworming, and even grooming! If surgery and confinement are needed, they also have that facility, which is really good because we could visit them anytime we don’t need to travel that far. It is so convenient!

The staff was very friendly, and their veterinary doctors were very thorough and explained everything well to us during the consultation. If they don’t offer the service for a certain procedure, they will recommend you to other hospitals for that particular service, and I find that very nice and kind of them to do that.


Serbisyo Beterinaryo Animal Hospital Rates

Aside from the modern facilities they have at Serbisyo Beterinaryo, here are some of the rates of the basic services, but always remember that rates may change without prior notice.

Consultation Fee – Php 300

CBC Blood Test – Php 660

5 in 1 Shot – Php 450

6 in 1 Shot – Php 650

8 in 1 Shot – Php 600

Anti-Rabies Shot – Php 350

Serbisyo Beterinaryo Animal Hospital was beyond our expectations. The location is accessible to us; the place itself is so clean, modern, and spacious, from the veterinary doctors to the staff being so friendly and professional. If there will be an emergency or urgent care is needed, we are very pleased that we now have an Animal Hospital in Cavite that could take care of our furbabies!



Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, San Agustin 2, Dasmarinas Cavite

(046) 540-1013 | 09171385852







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