/AZTEC SECRET | Face and Body Soap with Bentonite Clay Review

AZTEC SECRET | Face and Body Soap with Bentonite Clay Review

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We all know this brand Aztec Secret because of the Indian Healing Clay that apparently can do wonders for our skin by mixing apple cider and the clay. It became a fad, and some people are raving about how effective it is. But every time I look, they have run out of stock. But one day, I was walking in the shop and found the same Aztec Secret Facial Soap with Calcium Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar. I couldn’t let it go, and I had to try it!

Taking care of your skin is a must!

As we grow older with age, that’s where we need to take care of our skin, especially our face. It’s a must! People invest a lot of money on their skin, but for me, it’s really about which method works. I am not really obsessed with it, but I know the importance, and it must not be ignored.

Aztec Secret Facial Soap

The facial soap is 130 grams, and if you are only going to use it on your face, that is considered a lot. So is it value for money? I think so! The soap already has the All-natural Calcium Bentonite Clay in it, just as you would you zfind in the mask. The soap is already mixed with Argan oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.

It claims that it also detoxifies your skin and removes impurities. The Apple Cider Vinegar also helps balance the Ph level of your skin, restores the elasticity, and makes your skin plumper and softer giving your skin a nice glow. At first, I thought it would smell like vinegar, but I like the scent of the soap. It smells refreshing!  You don’t need a lot to wash your face because it lathers really well. I think that one bar of soap that will last for a long time.

aztec secret face and body soap
The face and body soap is blue in coloe and divided into two. It has more scent and yet feels great on the face and body.
aztec secret face and body soap
The face soap is full bar soap and it doesn’t have much scent to it. It lathers so much when you put it on your face so this will definitely last you for a long time.

Do I like Aztec Secret Facial Soap?

I’ve been using it for quite a few days now and twice a day, once in the morning and before going to bed. I leave the soap on my face for at least 30 seconds.  After using it, I apply my toner and night-time moisturizer and so far, I am pleased with what I see on my face. 

Aztec Secret is a perfect soap for oily skin like mine and  I feel like that it also works as an exfoliator removing dead skin on my face. I like how smooth my face looks and feels and am not sure about others, but the Aztec Secret Facial soap works for me!

aztec secret face and body soap

Since this is now manufactured in the Philippines, they are now available everywhere, and more people could buy and try this product. Is it worth giving a try? Definitely yes!

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