/Healthy Human Water Tumbler | Blog Review

Healthy Human Water Tumbler | Blog Review

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I am personally a big fan of water bottles. We all know that by using water bottles, it helps our environment by reducing the use of single plastic bottles, which are very harmful.

One day, I was asked to go to S&R Membership Shopping to buy some groceries. While going around browsing what else I could get that was not on the list, I came across the tumblers, and one caught my attention. It’s the Healthy Human tumbler!

I drink a lot of water every day to keep myself hydrated, so I’ve been looking for a tumbler that’s not too small yet not too bulky. I am also looking for a tumbler that I could put hot or cold water and, most of all, affordability!

As we all know, the prices of these tumblers vary depending on the brand and some are just too expensive! For the price of Php 1,300, I grabbed one and put it straight into the cart!  I could give this one a try!


Source: https://healthyhumanlife.co.uk/

  • Stays hot 12 hours, cold 24 hours
  • Must-have colors
  • Three-finger easy carry lids
  • 100% BPA-free body and lid
  • 100% premium food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Fits into most cupholders
  • Temp Max TM insulated
  • Sweat free
  • Ice-friendly wide mouth
  • Complimentary carabiner
  • One lid fits all Healthy Human sizes
  • Rounded corners with nowhere for bacteria to hide
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable packaging

Source: https://healthyhumanlife.co.uk/


  • 16 oz Height: 8″ – Base Width: 2.9″ – Weight: 10oz
  • 21 oz Height: 10″ – Base Width: 2.75″ – Weight: 12oz
  • 32 oz Height: 10″ – Base Width: 3.5″ – Weight: 13oz
  • 40 oz Height: 12″ – Base Width: 3.5″ – Weight: 1lb

Source: https://healthyhumanlife.co.uk/

So,  are Healthy Human Tumblers a good buy?

Most definitely!

Because I liked it so much! I bought another one! And I think I am going to buy a third one soon! I like that I could carry it anywhere without spilling. If I put cold drinks in it, it doesn’t sweat and wet the other stuff inside the bag. And when I put something hot, it doesn’t burn your hands while holding it. And they stay cold or hot for a long time!

It’s stainless steel, so it doesn’t smell. I could put ice on me if I want too quickly. And with the 32oz, I could put a lot of liquids in it that is enough to keep me hydrated most of the day. And the best part, you are saving a lot of money and helping the environment at the same time!

I found this one at S&R with different designs, and you can also buy them online, which is not a problem. But I am telling you, it’s worth it!

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