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Romblon, Romblon Island | Top Things to do and more

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Every time we hear about the Islands of Romblon, the first thing that comes to mind is the amount of marble they have on that island. That is why it is called the Marble Capital of the Philippines. But Romblon is more than just that; there are so many places to see and things to do around here.

A beautiful province that comprises a different group of islands such as Carabao Island and Tablas Island.  I was fortunate enough to be allowed to visit another two paradise islands, and they were Romblon and Sibuyan Island.

In this article, I would like to show you the places we visited, which hopefully could help you make your own itinerary or a travel guide.

How to get to Romblon, Romblon Island?

1. Go to Batangas Port, where you can hop on to a Ferry to Romblon Island. Remember that it normally leaves at night and arrives in the morning. It is also recommended to book online via https://travel.2go.com.ph

2. You can also catch a flight to Tablas and ride a ferry to Romblon Island via www.cebupacificair.com

In this article, I will share the wonderful places to explore and other things to do around the island of Romblon, which could help you create your own itinerary for your future visit.

St. Joseph Cathedral Church

St. Joseph Cathedral Church

Built by the recollect Fathers in the 15th century, St. Joseph Cathedral features an altar that houses a veritable collection of Antique icons and religious paintings.  This is also a very important place of worship for Romblon’s people since this is where the miraculous Sto. Nino is placed and taken out only during the Ton-Ton mass every second week of January, celebrating their Biniray Festival.

The Cathedral church is located right in the middle of town.  It is worth visiting if you are a fan of old architecture like this one in Romblon.

Bon-Bon Beach for Sunset

Half a kilometer in length with a width of approximately 18 meters, the shoreline of Bon-Bon Beach is covered with fine white sand. There is no entrance fee to this beach, but please keep it clean and not leave any trash behind.

bon bon beach romblon

It’s very famous for its white sand and snake-shaped sandbar that connects it to Bangug Island. The beach is only open until 7:00 pm. There are no resorts around, so it’s good for day trips only.

bon bon beach romblon

The best time to come here is just before dawn. After we swam into the calm waters during our visit, we decided to sit on the beach and watch as the sun slowly set, and it was just beautiful! More and more people started to arrive, as well! Amazing!

bon bon beach romblon sunset

Cobrador Island

An hour’s boat ride away from Romblon’s main island, Cobrador Island is another place that you must visit if you are looking for a quiet island with white sand beaches. A wide expanse is covered with fine white sand and crushed coral but still soft on the feet. Make sure to bring your snorkel gear. The water visibility is excellent and very ideal for snorkeling.

Fort San Andres

Aside from their Colonial Church, you will find other colonial structures, and one of them is Fort San Andres, which is only a few meters away from the town proper. This Twin Spanish forts constructed from coral blocks and bricks between 1644 and 1573 served as a protection of the town against raiders and pirates.

Once you arrive at the fort, you will be amazed at how beautiful this island is with the town’s panoramic view, coast, and white sand beaches. If the weather is good, the best time to visit is at lunchtime.

 Marble Shopping Center

As mentioned previously, Romblon is the marble capital of the Philippines. They have different types of marble depending on the colors and patterns. This is also a great idea if you want to bring home some souvenir items. The marble shopping center has everything made of marble from vases, ashtrays, keyrings, fridge magnets, and much more. It’s a marble haven!

I remember I bought myself mugs, mortar and pestle, and ashtrays during my visit. They are a bit heavy to carry, but with the good prices they offer, it’s worth it!

If you want your gift to be more personalized, some shops offer engraving at a good price. Of course, if you buy from their shop, you may even get the engraving for free.

Kilometro Dos Marble Factory

A few minutes from Romblon town, up in the hills, we visited this place where marble is being sculpted and turned into a work of art. It was amazing to watch the local artists turning a marble rock into something spectacular! I honestly gained so much respect for these people sculpting the marble, and it made me appreciate the items I bought because it doesn’t look easy, and so much work is put into it.

Biniray Festival of Romblon Island

One of the best times to visit Romblon is probably during the 2nd week of January when they celebrate their Binaray Festival. There are so many events lined up during that time, and people even from overseas come home to Romblon to celebrate the Biniray Festival with family and friends.

There are street parades and a street dance competition in the afternoon. It was a fun day for the people of Romblon. I’m so happy to be able to witness it myself!

Where to stay in Romblon?

During our visit, we stayed at the DREAM PARADISE MOUNTAIN RESORT. I like the fact that this resort is also an accredited resort by the Department of Tourism. They have a restaurant in a resort that serves good food. I promise you the food here is really good!

Contact Numbers

09774576515 / 09087482272 / 09496513368

Sumptuous food at Dream Paradise Mountain Resort

They have an inviting swimming pool and lots of rooms to accommodate a huge number of guests. They also have a function hall for any celebrations or corporate events.

I like how quiet it is here. It’s a great place to chill and relax after the busy tour.

In addition, they also have a Marble Museum, which is perfect for picture taking, and I am sure the kids will enjoy seeing animals made completely out of marble.

Recommended places to eat

With the number of ex-pats on the island, you will find many restaurants that serve local and international cuisine. It’s quite a vibrant atmosphere, and you will never run out of options where to eat.

The absence of fast food in the area actually became an advantage to give local and international chefs an opportunity.


SEAPORT Bar and Grill

Located right at the center of town, this restaurant serves food you definitely would enjoy. You get a selection of food from sandwiches, burgers and fries, pizzas, local dishes like Sinigang, and so much more. After every tour, our favorite hang out of place was because we couldn’t wait to taste their food again!

JD & G Italian Pizza

If you like Italian dishes like pasta or pizza, you can try JD & G, also located in Romblon’s main town. We tried some of their pizzas during our visit, and we were even given homemade gelato, and they were all delicious! Yum!

I would personally like to thank the Department of Tourism – MIMAROPA for allowing me to explore this beautiful island of Romblon.  I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Local Government Units, Dream Favor Travel and Tours, and the Romblon Tourism Officers who accommodated us throughout this wonderful trip.

Video credits to Ferdz Decena of www.ironwulf.net

Romblon, Romblon is a beautiful island. For those looking for a laid back tourist destination with amazing white sand beaches and very friendly people, I highly recommend you visit this paradise!

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