/DIY Home Disinfectant Using Bleach against COVID-19 [Coronavirus]

DIY Home Disinfectant Using Bleach against COVID-19 [Coronavirus]

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With the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, more people all over the world ran to the nearest supermarkets and hoarded basic necessities, especially canned goods, rice, toilet paper, surgical masks and alcohol for disinfection.

Even with the announcement from the officials, people still did not stop panicking. Who wouldn’t be, especially with the test kits being limited making it difficult for all the people to get tested and there is still no cure in sight to this pandemic.

Anyway, according to the news, if you are going to buy alcohol or hand sanitizers, make sure that it has 70% alcohol in it to effectively eliminate the virus. Aside from the alcohol, you also need to make sure that your house is coronavirus free since everyone is advised to self-quarantine at home and not to go out.

Make sure your house is sanitized

In this time, it is very important to to sanitize places that you normally touch and walk on around your house like the door knobs, floors, toilet seats, tv remote and so much more. Make this a daily habit since it’s for your own good and protection against the virus.

According to the experts, droplets from the infected person may land on the surface and can survive for more than 8 hours. That is a long time that is why it is important to always disinfect!

Using Bleach as Home Disinfectant

“Bleach is very effective at killing the coronavirus, as well as virtually every other germ on the face of the planet,” said Dr. Paul Pottinger, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Washington Medical Center. “The problem is, it’s stinky, it’s hard to use and it can damage what you’re trying to clean.”

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– Source: NBC News | Many common household cleaning products can kill the coronavirus if you use them properly

Make your own DIY Home Disinfectant


  • Bleach 
  • Water
  • Sprayer


  • Mix or dilute the bleach and water in this ratio.
  • 20 ml (around 2 tbsp) Bleach  – 1 Liter of Water
  • 1/4 Cup ( 4 tbsp)  Bleach – 1 Gallon of Water

Let us remember that Covid-19 is a serious virus and can affect anyone and anywhere in the world. This is just one of the things we could do to stop the spread of the virus. Stay at home, keep your homes sanitized and clean, and stay safe.

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