/ADVENTURE FARM at Timberland Heights – A Great Family Adventure in Rizal

ADVENTURE FARM at Timberland Heights – A Great Family Adventure in Rizal

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With the busy lifestyle people have in the Metro, families also need to find a quick escape. If you are looking for a great adventure with your family and do not want to travel for hours, then you must try and visit the ADVENTURE FARM at Timberland Heights.
adventure farm timberland heights
The Adventure Farm is located in Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal – a favourite amongst the bikers, runners, or any outdoor sports enthusiasts, Timberland is a great place to be.
Together with other bloggers, we were invited to experience it ourselves during the Blogger’s Camp held last October 21-22, 2017. This was also the day when they opened their new activity that visitors will love and that is the Adventure Playground.
After the registration, we went to the reception area and while waiting for the farm tour I looked back and  was amazed with the view. The farm is so big and we were told that it if you are planning to go on a group tour, they can accommodate 400 to 500 people at one time.
adventure farm san mateo rizal
Here are the official rates of some of the many activities you can enjoy at the Adventure Farm.
Adventure Playground: Php 150/head (Guided) 
Farm Tour: Php 150/head (Guided)
 Tree Planting Activity: Php 150/head (Inclusive of native tree seedling)
 Farm Tour + Playground: Php 250/head
(Guided) Farm Tour + Tree Planting: Php 250/head 
Camping Rate (1 week prior reservation needed at minimum of 5 heads): Php 600 per head with free bonfire set-up and 24 hour security, inclusive of free farm tour and trekking to the falls / exclusive of tents.
Back to our tour:  our guide arrived and we immediately started our farm tour. The first stop were the RAIN GARDENS where you will also find ponds where you can feed the fish and ducks swimming in it.
We then walked to the BUTTERFLY BUDDIES, a huge butterfly farm where you will find different varieties of butterflies. The space was really big and  it was beautiful to see them fly.
butterfly garden
We then went to their GREEN HOUSE where vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants and many others are planted. What I like about the green house was it gives the visitors the opportunity to do the planting themselves.
greenhouse farm
More vegetable plantations can be seen specially around the VEGGIE VALLEY.
CHICKEN CHUMS is place where you can go inside and get a chance feed the chickens. This is also where they get their organic farm eggs.
feeding chickens
On the tour, you will also visit their primary source of rich soil and that is with the help of these worms (African Night Crawlers). They help with the production of compost soil that they use for their gardens and sell to their customers.
After the farm tour, we went to the camp site where we were treated to a sumptuous lunch. Yummy!
After a few minutes of siesta, it was time for us to try out their ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND. This is basically a 1.3 km trail that is full of fun obstacle that I am sure you are going to enjoy.
 The trail was fun and yet challenging with a few uphills and downhills along the way. You will also come across some streams which are a great places to pause and refresh.
When we arrived, it was raining which only added to the fun on the trail. In some areas the obstacles required you to crawl and soon we were almost covered in mud. It was fun and something you want to do over and over again.
At the end, we successfully finished the trail which took us around 40 minutes to cover the entire obstacle courses. If I am going to assess the difficulty of the trail I would say that it is pretty safe for everyone. Whether you are a kid or an adult, both will surely have a great time…just what a team building place needs.
The sun was about to set so it was time to pitch our tents where we will spending our lovely evening.
For dinner, Adventure Farm spoiled us by organizing a boodle fight. The food laid out for us was really delicious and there was basically nothing left after this sumptuous dinner.
boodle fight
We went back to our camping site and before we went to bed, the city lights were just too inviting to be ignored.
camping in san mateo rizal
One of the travel photographers with us was Dennis Murillo who took this amazing photo of the Metro.
After a great fun evening, we woke up feeling very refreshed. Toilets are within reach so it’s not a problem washing up. The weather also had improved during that day. Sadly, it was time for us to head back home but the experience we travel bloggers felt was something we will remember and laugh about.
The experience we had at Adventure Farm in Timberland Heights really was fun and very educational. In addition, that Adventure Trail with obstacle courses adds more excitement to the farm that students and visitors would definitely enjoy.
 I am not going to be surprised that soon more schools and companies will book their team building activities here. The place is only few hours way from Metro Manila making it very accessible and a favorable weekend getaway destination.
Thank you Adventure Farm! And we wish you more adventures to come! See you again soon!
thai basil plant
Facebook Page: Adventure Farm 
Phone Number: (02) 571 9116
Email Address: adventurefarmstimberland@gmail.com
Address: Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal
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