/MT. MARAMI and SILYANG BATO in Maragondon,Cavite [Day Hike]

MT. MARAMI and SILYANG BATO in Maragondon,Cavite [Day Hike]

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My appreciation for reaching and conquering different mountains was once again fulfilled as we explored yet another well known destination for mountaineers to climb and that is MT. MARAMI located in Maragondon, Cavite.

A lot of people might compare this to other mountains maybe because of its topography  but I believe each one has its own charm and that is what I wanted to find out.
Along with the Team Cavite Endurance Sports Enthusiasts and our guide named Onad, We started our climb up to the top at exactly 6:00 am.  It was fine weather and the morning’s cold breeze made the conditions for our climb ideal.
Photo Courtesy: JC Igos
We walked through some river streams, luckily the rainy season hadn’t started yet so we were able to keep our feet relatively dry. There are parts where the roads are quite sandy or coarse and I could just imagine the area during rainy season. Slippery!
Photo Courtesy: JC Igos
Along the way you will come across fences. This is to avoid the
cows from getting through.
 When our water supplies began to run low our tour guide took us  to this spring where we could drink straight from the clear and fresh source! Our tummies didn’t act up after drinking so I can attest that this water is drinkable!
We started seeing the summit of Mt. Marami on the horizon and we grew more and more excited. As per our guide, there are two ways to get to the summit of Mt. Marami. Either way the difficulty is comparable so you can do a traverse if you like.
We were just so lucky that it was a clear day and we got to see the breathtaking view we’d been looking forward to.
Mt. Marami is famous for its rock boulder protruding over an edge giving you an amazing 360 degree view of Batangas and Cavite.
I guess not all are brave to face the heights, I must admit I have acrophobia but I am currently working on it. This once again presented a challenge to me to face my fear.
The wind at the summit was a bit strong but the view was spectacular!
Soon it was time for us to go to the famous Silyang Bato, a chair shaped rock boulder that sticks out of the cliff-face making it very popular spot to get an amazing shot.
People do different poses and dare themselves because
 the picture you will get here is priceless!
I tried sitting facing the the other way but I guess I am not ready to face the heights yet! 🙁
Photo from Jc Igos
I am glad I explored Mt. Marami! It is a beautiful mountain to explore not just for experienced climbers but most specially for the newbies. It is also very accessible from Manila making it one of the favorite climbing destinations.
However, along the way, there were portions where trash had been scattered in the area.We saw liquor bottles along the trail which saddened us because some mountaineers are not being responsible. We talked to some residents in the area and they are also aware of the situation. They also said that the government is working on a plan to solve the problem and let us just hope it could be done as soon as possible.

How to Get to Mt. Marami

1. From Coastal Mall take a bus going to Naic, Cavite.
2. Go to the Naic Terminal Station and take a jeepney going to Magallanes, Cavite. The fare is around Php 35.00
3. Ask the driver to drop you off at Brgy. Ramirez. You can also ask the jeepney to take you all the way straight to Brgy. Ramirez Barangay Hall to register (No Registration Fee).
4. Tour guide is available at the Barangay Hall. Ours was Onad and his mobile number is 09068931152 .

Total  Number of Hours Trekking:

5 Hours with a moving time of 3 Hours and 30 minutes.


Tour Guide Fee: Php 100 per person
Buko Juice: Php 20.00 per Buko
Transportation: Php 300.00
Total Expenses: Php 420.00

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