/Lion and Safari Park , Johannesburg – Start your tour in South Africa here!

Lion and Safari Park , Johannesburg – Start your tour in South Africa here!

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A great a way to welcome yourself to South Africa is to go to the most visited park in Johannesburg, THE LION PARK. Located in the middle of Johannesburg is an eco-tourism destination for various species like White Lions, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs and more.

The day after our arrival, we didn’t waste any time. We left early morning Sunday and drove straight to the Lion Park. I was really excited to come and check this place as I have never done anything like this before. There is no way of missing this place as you have this  Lion statue facing the road.
Ticket prices are indicated below and it is open from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm at night. It would be so cool to see these beautiful animals at night.
 If you don’t have a car. Guided tours are available. But in our case, we did.
As we entered their game reserve, you will be welcomed by a variety of African animalslife Giraffe, Zebra, Giraffe, Gemsbok, Springbok, Blesbok and many more.
I like the idea of game reserves as they can roam freely and  you can get an up close look at these animals.
The game reserve acts as a sanctuary for these animals and also serves as a breeding ground.
As we drove to the other side of the park, we saw one of the most gorgeous creatures on Earth, THE LIONS!
As they opened the gate, they walked around our car and came pretty close to us. I was speechless! All I was saying the whole time was WOW!
Please be reminded of the rules and regulations of the park specially when you enter the LION CAMPS. It’s for your own safety!
Whether they are inside fences and barriers, they are still considered wild animals.
Stay in your vehicles and shut the windows.
Inside the Lion Camp you will see Letsatsi. He was the one who acted in the movie White Lion.
Here’s Letsatsi, an example of a rare and a beautiful White Lion.
According to the white lions homeland,  an organization that helps protect these animals,
White Lions are one of the rarest and most endangered animals in Africa.
As you drive to the other gates you will find Cheetahs. Their eyes and prints were something else! Beautiful cat!
Please keep in mind that Sunday lunch time is also their feeding time. So be sure to be there before 12 noon to witness the feeding frenzy!
Moving on with our tour, we headed to the CUB WORLD where visitors could get to play and touch baby lions (cubs). They are so cute and how I wish I could cuddle them.
We were assisted by experienced handlers to make sure of our safety. Each batch will have at least 5 minutes to touch and take pictures with the cubs.
The cubs were just too cute!
I even had a chance to touch one of them and a selfie.
Our trip to the Lion Park was not complete without getting a souvenir from one the many curio shops inside the park.
The visit to the Lion Park was a great start in our holiday in South Africa. I enjoyed every seconds of it because as I got to see these African animals up close, get to touch a cub and so much more. This for me, was a great experience!
Is it worth visiting Lion Park?

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