/Million People March – People unite for a common goal!

Million People March – People unite for a common goal!

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People are very tired of corruption in the Philippines. As a teacher of Social Studies, every time I asked my students about the Philippine government, “corruption” is always one of their answers. I wish and hope that someday, that would change that’s why I decided to join this event. 
After my 32km run last Sunday, my Monday morning was stiff. But, that didn’t stop me attending this event. Aside from participating, I also wanted to take pictures so that I can share the experience with all, including my students.
It has been a long time since I joined to an event like this. Or, maybe something like this just has not happened before. Who would have thought that the Million People March started on Facebook and was spread all over by people sharing it –  even reaching the Filipinos overseas who also participated in the event. This gathering was organize to abolish Pork Barrell, a policy that supplies funds to some government officials like Senators and Congressman to help them with their respective projects. However, many believed that Pork Barrel was the main source of corruption in the Philippines. 
I felt that this Million People March protest was such a success. People want change and i’m pretty sure the government felt that after this protest. Here are the pictures I  took during the march. 
These kids were dancing Gentleman in front of the Police at the US Embassy. 
Although it was a cloudy morning, keeping yourself hydrated is a must!
Pets were also at the event to support the march. 
Shirts for sale at Php 250.00
Carlos Celdran also attended the Million People March. 
There were also some tourists in the area. I must admit that it was also a tourist friendly event.
GABRIELA representatives
Thank God, she surrendered!
This is so true! 
This person was busy reading this paper about Pork Barrel. It say’s NO PORK, NO CORRUPTION
The place stayed clean alld ay and thanks to the volunteers. 
This event was  in the news the whole day!
I found a PACE (Peace) flag and the owner was kind enough to let me hold it 
and took pictures of me. 
The coolest bike ever! Don’t you agree? 
It was muddy, but I didn’t mind at all!
What better way to express your frustration.
I walked from Luneta to CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) on my way to where I had parked. It was all worth it! I want change for our country. I want our fellow Filipinos to love our country and feel proud of themselves being Filipinos! 
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