/Amazing CORON PARALAWAN Experience[PART 2]

Amazing CORON PARALAWAN Experience[PART 2]

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After the great first day tour, it’s now time to move on to our 2nd day of the tour with the same boatman and Bong our tour guide.
This place probably is the most famous attraction in Coron among the other destinations around the Island. We stayed here the whole morning as we enjoyed the clear waters of Kayangan Lake.
Halfway to your destination after climbing a few steps you will be taken to a place just on your right to get this magnificent view of the drop-off area to get to the lake.
There is also a cave right where the viewing area is located. I went inside and it was creepy. I would really like to explore inside a little more. That I will save for next time.
The water in Kayangan Lake is not very salty. The salinity of water is not that strong. It is also considered to be one of the cleanest lake in the Philippines.
I love swimming and wanted to go underwater as much as possible since I was using an underwater camera.
After spending the whole morning at Kayangan Lake it was time to move on to our our next stop while our lunch was being grilled by our boatman. Does this picture make you hungry?
For our lunch, Bong took us to a different beach which was opened to public not long ago. He said this beach was also a nice place to eat lunch. Indeed, he was correct! We never thought that this place was going to be one of the best snorkeling I’ve done so far!
Bong is a great guide. He prepares everything for you and make you feel comfortable all the time. He knows the island very well and he knows where the snorkeling spots are because he himself is a great swimmer and dives deep.
There are Mangroves around Dimanglet Island and so we wanted to plant some more.
This is such a happy face just enjoying his time at the beach!
The day before, we told Bong we wanted to go fishing so we gave him money (Php150.00) and he made us this simple fishing line. Right across Dimanglet Beach, there is a bamboo raft where we stopped and apparently snorkeling here was EXCELLENT! I never enjoyed fishing like this before and for me this was a snorkeling haven.
After catching a fish, we set them free. We caught around 10 different types of fish along Dimanglet Island. Awesome!
Here are some of the underwater pictures taken at Dimanglet Island.
Time to go back after a great day tour. And what can I say? It was wonderful! I like the fact that you don’t have the feeling of being rushed from one place to another. We were able to enjoy and felt so relaxed. Bong our guide really did a great job. He was the one taking photos of us underwater and credit to him since he was the one who mostly took some of these underwater shots. He swims with you also to make sure that everyone is safe.
As mentioned previously, we were addicted this place. We loved the food and a perfect place to be during Sunset.
The staff of the restaurant were very friendly and kind.
Isn’t this the perfect place to be?
My favourite LONG ISLAND TEA! You must definitely try this. It’s strong and tastes really really good!
This will make your evening more memorable. 😉
Thank you Coron and all the people who made our vacation here such a memorable experience. We’ll surely be back.
Time to fly back via Zest Air.
Now, It’s your turn!
BOAT/TOUR GUIDE: BONG . Phone No. 09082904744
WHERE WE STAYED: Coron Gateway Hotel . 4 days 3 Nights
AIRLINE: Zest Air :45 Min. ride
WHERE WE DINE: La Sirenetta Restuarant
TOTAL COST OF 2 DAYS TOUR: Boat : 4000.00
                                                              Entrance Fee: Mostly 100 pesos except for
                                                              Kayangan Lake which is 200.00


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