/Helpful Tips Before going on a Long Motorcycle Ride

Helpful Tips Before going on a Long Motorcycle Ride

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After purchasing my own motorbike last year, my original intention was to use it for going to work as it would save me time and money due to the increasing price of petrol.

My Suzuki Burgman 125 cc

However, over time, I started meeting other motorcyclists or riders, and the idea of going on long rides together as a group became appealing. Going on long rides turned out to be very enjoyable and very relaxing. Nonetheless, it is important to make certain preparations before going on such rides.

If you’re planning to go on a long ride on your motorbike, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Whether it’s a solo trip or with a group of friends, it’s important to prepare and take the necessary precautions for a safe and enjoyable journey. Here are some tips to make your ride smooth and comfortable.


Before setting off on your journey, plan your route carefully. Make sure you have a good idea of the roads and highways you’ll be taking, and the distance between each stop.

It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as road closures or weather changes. You can use Google Maps to plan your route with your fellow riders. In addition, having a call time in each place makes things more organized.


Credit: Poor Prince at Marilaque Highway Tanay Rizal

When going on a long motorbike ride, it’s important to pack light. You don’t want to be carrying too much weight, as it can affect your balance and make the ride uncomfortable. Only pack essentials such as clothes, a first aid kit, water, and snacks.


Before heading out, ensure that your bike is in good condition. Check the oil, tires, brakes, and lights. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, take your bike to a mechanic for a tune-up. A well-maintained bike will give you a better riding experience and reduce the chances of breakdowns.


LS2 Strobe Module Helmet

Before going for a long ride, make sure to wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, and a jacket. Comfortable and breathable clothes are also recommended which is why I bought myself a Komine Riding Jacket. It was very comfortable and the mesh fabric makes this jacket cool while on the road. Just remember to dress according to the weather conditions, and carry extra layers in case it gets colder.


Taken at Kaybiang Tunnel, Ternate Cavite

Long rides can be tiring, so make sure to take breaks every few hours. This will give you a chance to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, and hydrate. Plan your stops in advance so you don’t end up stopping at an unsafe location.

Keep yourself hydrated all the time. And, if you feel like getting sleepy, take some energy drinks or stop for a coffee somewhere.


Credit to Joalmor Tu at Marilaque Highway Tanay Rizal

Always stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Be cautious of other drivers on the road and avoid distractions such as texting or taking calls. Keep your focus on the road ahead and enjoy the ride.

Have Fun! Finally, remember to enjoy the ride! Going on a long motorbike ride can be an exhilarating experience, so take in the scenery and enjoy the journey.

By following these tips, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable long ride on your motorbike. Ride safe!

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