/5 Reasons Why Purchasing a Property or a home is a Good Idea

5 Reasons Why Purchasing a Property or a home is a Good Idea

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There is no denying that people do love to have a home that they could call their own. It is everybody’s dream to have a house and design that is unique to your needs and personality. Maybe it is also comes with maturity where you decide to spend it on something long-term instead of other material things where the enjoyment is short-lived. But is it really a good idea to think of purchasing a property or home? For me, it’s a yes! As early as you can, start investing!

You have your own freedom

As you grow up, you eventually move away your parents and live on your own. Having your own house gives you that freedom to become more independent and rely on your own resources. Adjusting to the new environment could be difficult at first but for sure you will get used to it and will feel more comfortable in your own house.

If you are planning to purchase a property such as land, this will also give you the freedom to design your own house where you will settle for good and, who knows, maybe for your future family. You also have the freedom to choose a nice location for your future home. Some prefer to live in the city while others want to stay in the suburbs and perhaps a little closer to nature. The choices are endless!

You feel more secure

For others who are still preparing to get a home or property, most of them opt to rent.  This is fine as a temporary option, but you are at the mercy of a  landlord and the knowledge that you may be asked to leave at any time or be subject to rental increases.

The case is different if you have your own home because you are the one in control of it now and you are the one paying for it.

You feel a sense of achievement

You know when you achieved something great in your career, you reward yourself with going for a massage or dining out at your favorite place, it is the same feeling when you finally make an investment or purchase your own home or property. It’s not the size of the house or land, but it is more about giving yourself something you deserve and would be there with you for the longest time. It feels really good!

You have control over your mortgages

You probably know by now that having a house of your own is always a good idea. But let us also consider the budget that you are willing to venture for this investment. What’s so good now is that there are so many apps on the internet where it will give you an idea or calculate the mortgage for you which will help you in managing your finances. Having different mortgage terms also helps as it stretches the total amount so it will not be much of a burden to you.

Property cost increases over the years

I think this is one of the most exciting parts of getting a house or property because the value of the property increases over time. The value of the property is based on location and all the infrastructure going on around it.

For example, we bought a property here in Cavite at a very good price and over the years, I asked the developer how much it cost now and to my surprise, the value grew over 50%. I was shocked and it made me realize that we made the right decision to get a property at an earlier time when the place was still beginning to boost. Now the property is surrounded by schools, hospitals, malls, parks, and so much more. It is a very good investment!

Getting your own property or home is always a good idea and there is no doubt about that. But of course, you need to spend more time considering the pros and cons, specially if the budget is tight. You must consider if you need to take a loan from either a bank or from the government, and all the paperwork that it involves. But I promise, you once you have your own house or property you will thank yourself because you made the right decision!




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