/Manila Ocean Park is finally open to kids!

Manila Ocean Park is finally open to kids!

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With so many tourist attractions in Manila, there was one place that I wanted to visit first and that was Manila Ocean Park. It’s been there for so long, but I haven’t had the opportunity to visit. So with the easing of restrictions, I checked on their Facebook page and found out that they were already open and the good news was, they were now allowing kids to visit [ Alert Level 2].

Manila Ocean Park Entrance Fee?

The best way to get tickets is by going to their website. All the information you need is available there. All the activities and updates are also available on their website.


Before getting tickets, do not forget your vaccination card and facemask. With the changing restrictions, it’s always better to stay updated. You may also check them on their Facebook page to get the latest news.

Get tickets online! Why?  It saved us so much time by not queuing at the ticket booth to get tickets and has the added bonus of being safer by avoiding unnecessary queues. You can print or you can screenshot the confirmation with the QR code. Show it at the entrance and you are in!

With the tickets already in hand, we entered Manila Ocean Park. It was very exciting because this was my first time. A few meters from the entrance, we started seeing different sea creatures in the oceanarium. They have around 14,000 species, most of which are found in the Philippines and in South East Asia. It could be overwhelming at first, so pause for a while and walk around slowly. I promise you, there are so many things to see inside.

However, because of the pandemic and other restrictions, some activities were not open such as the animal encounters. So basically,  there are no other things to do but to take photos, walk around, and just enjoy the variety of sea creatures found inside Manila Ocean Park. In addition, they also emphasized the need to take care of Mother Earth since we are all connected. I believe that!

All in all, we still had a good time at Manila Ocean Park and our kids also enjoyed it very much. It presents families with an opportunity for children to develop an appreciation for, and a drive to protect our marine species.   Children also get to appreciate just how rich the Philippines is when it comes biodiversity. In addition, it is also nice to know that they are already open and can welcome visitors of all ages. That’s always good news!


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