/Top 5 Jobs that Allow You to Travel the World in 2022

Top 5 Jobs that Allow You to Travel the World in 2022

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New year, new adventures. Life has been challenging the last couple of years, but all we can do is continue doing our best to enjoy our time on Earth. One way to do that is by ensuring that the job we have chosen to spend 8 hours of our day on brings us joy and satisfaction. 

However, work is not the sole purpose in this life. Having the freedom to have fun with family and friends, explore the world and broaden our horizons are equally important. 

Having said all that, below you will find the best jobs that you should give them a go this year if you’re looking for an occupation that doesn’t feel like a chore and gives you the time and space to enjoy your life.

Voice-over Actor

Acting is one of those fields where there are too many candidates but not enough jobs. However, a lot of people focus so much on getting a role in a play, a film, or a TV show that they ignore one of the most useful tools they have, and this is their voice. Doing voice-overs for advertisements, cartoon characters, educational videos, narrations, and so on are just a few of the work possibilities. All you need to do is get yourself out there by registering in voice-over agencies like Voquent and job offers from all around the world will start coming your way.

Online Teacher

Are you a qualified teacher, but you want to travel the world? Thanks to the internet you can. Nowadays, pupils and adults are familiar with online learning and there are tools that make virtual meetings and sharing documents easy and fun. Whether you have a number of students whom you meet at a set time and day online or you create online courses that anyone can access online, all you need in order to become an online teacher is a computer with an internet connection.

International Truck Driver

One job that has been high in demand at the end of 2021 until today is a driver. Although driving for many hours is tiring, truck drivers get to visit a lot of countries in their itinerary and feel the pulse of big cities in the comfort of their vehicles. As long as you don’t drive fast and you make a lot of stops in order to relax and recharge, it is a pretty safe job to do.

Travel Blogger

A job that is very popular among young people is travel blogging. Not only do you get to travel to beautiful places all around the world but also you can create a community with people who share the same passion for exploring with you. Should you have hundreds or thousands of people following you, you can earn much money as travel agencies and hospitality businesses pay you to promote their businesses. 

Digital Marketer

A digital marketer is responsible for planning and performing successful online strategies, which aim to attract more customers and to increase sales. There are many paths of action that digital marketers follow at the same time in order to achieve all of their goals, like creating a website that is easy to find on the internet, having active business social media account, creating fascinating newsletters and emails that make it hard for recipients not to click on them, making online ads, and so on. Since all those tasks are happening online, digital marketers can have clients whose businesses are everywhere in the world and they can pay them a visit from time to time if they want to.

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