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One of the many beaches that is slowly getting the attention of tourists is the Unisan Beach in Quezon. With the number of resorts slowly growing in the area, one has already established itself to be the primary place to go to and that is the Unisan Sands Resort. You always see them on Facebook with their famous Infinity Pool overlooking the beach, palm trees everywhere, white sand beach and so much more. So since we had a long break from work, we decided to why not go and visit Unisan Sands Resort.



How we got to Unisan? We rented a Van!

Since we were traveling with the family, we decided to rent a van that would take us from Cavite to Unisan. Renting a van for us was more convenient and we did not need to worry about anything else.  The travel took us 4 hours to get to Unisan. We checked Waze and Google Maps and they both has the same travel time. Parking is no problem since they have a big parking space there.

For Van Services to any point in Luzon, I highly recommend you to contact Kuya Wesley.

Kuya Wesley Van Service | +639163363693

Do they accept kids?

Yes! So you have nothing to worry about that. Aside from the kids, you can also bring your pets with you too!

Things to Remember before you arrive at the resort:

1. Bring the original copy of the anti-covid immunization card. The first dose will do. This will be checked once you arrived at the Barangay Hall. So everywhere you go, always have this ready!

2. In the absence of an immunization card. A Health certificate signed & issued within 72 hours by a medical doctor is needed. Must be certified true copy and issued from a place of origin. Just get a Covid vaccine since it’s more convenient!

3. Kids ages 10 and below must be accompanied by their respective parents.

4. Observance of minimum health protocols within the resort premises. Note that requirements may change at any given time in accordance with the LGU Ordinances.

  • All this information came from Unisan Sands Resort


How to make a reservation at Unisan Sands Resort?

Although they accept walk-ins,  this is something I don’t recommend if you are coming from Manila. It’s best that you message them ahead of time on their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/UnisanSandsBeachResort/. The signal is very limited in the area. It might take a while for them to respond so just be patient. In our case, we made a reservation 2 weeks prior to our arrival so we didn’t worry much.

You can also phone them, but due to limited phone signal, you may not get a response right away. But here are the numbers for your future bookings.

Unisan Sands Beach Resort Contact Numbers

Booking and Reservations: +63 912 459 2730 | Reception/ Booking: +63 910 639 5571

Arrival at Unisan Sands Resort

So we arrived at the resort and since it was a long holiday it was packed. But good thing is that we already made a reservation. The check-in is at 2 PM and check-out is at 12 noon. Since we arrived early we stayed at their restaurant and the good thing was that we could already use some of their amenities such as the swimming pool. So the kids had fun swimming while the adults already started with some cocktails.

Their restaurant is open from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM daily. But on a busy day, I recommend you pre-order your food since it may take a while. It’s always nice to have restaurant and a store in the area since it’s far away from town. Here is the menu of their restaurant.


Rajah Soliman Room

With a big group like us, getting this room is very ideal. The Rajah Soliman is good for 8 – 16 pax for the price of 10,950 and the entrance fee is included. It has spacious beds and two full bathrooms, a fridge, kettle, a nice veranda overlooking the beach, and 2 air conditioners. We were really happy with our room and we had a great time. And if it was too hot outside, a nice siesta is always a good idea.  A big advantage of having a cottage is that you can request that your meals be served on your veranda and avoid the crowds at the restaurant.

The Unisan beach

If you are looking for a white sand beach and calm waters, this is a nice place to go! The beach in front of the Infinity pool is nice but the one on the left side after the mangroves area was so much nicer. We swam on both beaches, but we personally prefer the beach on the further side. They are busy building huts there so I am sure it’s going to be a nice place once they are built.


Don’t forget to also wait for the sunset because you get a nice view from this resort.


At night, it was more relaxed since the day tourists already left, there were some campers too who stayed for the night but there were not many. We had a great night just chilling under the stars outside our room and it was lovely.

Unisan Sands Resort really was a nice place to visit especially if you are looking for something different that is not highly developed yet. I could imagine how pretty it is to visit on weekdays when it’s more relaxed and the best thing is that you could also explore other places that Quezon province has to offer.

That’s what we just did. When we checked out we decided to drop by at Linang Ni LK in Lucban Quezon where we decided to have our lunch before heading home to Cavite. What a way to end our wonderful beach adventure!

Will definitely visit Unisan Sands Resort again! It was worth it

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