/Langkawi Island, Malaysia | Exploring Sky Bridge and other tourist attractions

Langkawi Island, Malaysia | Exploring Sky Bridge and other tourist attractions

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On our first adventure around Malaysia, we decided to go on an island adventure, and Langkawi Island came to mind! Considered a UNESCO Global Geopark, we will find out why this paradise island is worth the visit.

We booked for four days, three nights on the Island, to what destinations we can fit in during our stay. It was exciting because I haven’t been to Langkawi Island, and looking at the online photos, it looked like it’s a great place to visit.

From Kuala Lumpur, we booked a domestic flight to Langkawi (1 hr Travel Time). From Langkawi airport, you can book a Grab Taxi to your destination of choice.

Recommended Places to stay in Langkawi

Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel

Located in the South East of Langkawi, we booked a night at Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel. We had a charming and spacious room with a fantastic balcony overlooking the yacht club. That was priceless!

It’s nice to walk around since there are restaurants, shopping malls, and other parks to visit in the area. They also have a swimming pool and a bar on the side where you can do an afternoon chill while watching the Langkawi Sunset.

langkawi sunset

Berjaya Hotel

Because we wanted to be closer to the  Langkawi Sky Bridge, we booked a few nights here at the massive resort called Berjaya. It’s so massive, and you need to take a cab to go around the resort. If you want a healthier option, you can walk around the resort and maybe come across some of the animals that live in the area. They have a big pool, a beach area, bars and restaurants with many other activities.

Our room was a villa hidden in the lush trees of the resort. It was so peaceful, and we were in a charming place. We enjoyed our stay here in the resort, especially spending the afternoon next to the swimming pool.

Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Never leave Langkawi without visiting the Langkawi Sky Bridge. This is probably one of the most exciting activities you could do on the Island. Make sure to come early to get tickets because it can be very hectic with lots of tourists arriving to experience the walk on the bridge.

langkawi sky bridge malaysia

In our case, we purchased a combination package offered by one of the staff, so we did not need to queue up in the long lines that had formed. Instead, by paying a bit extra, we were able to go straight for a  cable car ride to the top overlooking the scenic landscape of Langkawi.

langkawi cable car

Considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, a walk to the SKY BRIDGE is a must. Extended up in the air, this walk could be frightening for some, but once you get used to it, you would want to walk back and forth over and over again. That’s just what I did.

langkawi sky bridge

It was one of the most beautiful and unique walks one could experience when you are in Langkawi. Everything up there is worth seeing!

Chenang Beach & Shopping

For sun worshippers, a walk along the fine sand of Chenang beach is a must. You can rent some beach chairs and enjoy the Langkawi sun. It’s a wild place, and you will find so many restaurants offering good food and drinks.

While walking on the beach, we looked for places to eat and based on internet reviews. We ended up dining at the Yellow Beach Restaurant, which lived up to its name by being right on the beach. We had pizzas, samosas, and some Chicken on Satay. They were delicious, and we had a great time while staring at the beach. I also enjoyed the music and vibe of the restaurant that we could not help but order some cocktails. Refreshing!


After a nice meal, we walked around the Chenang streets for some street shopping.  If you are lucky, you will find good bargains for shirts and other souvenirs you could bring home.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Located right next to Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel, you will find many restaurants and shops at Fisherman’s Wharf. We had excellent fish and Chips overlooking the yacht club, and it was quite chill during our visit. This is an ideal place to hang out, especially if you just came from a day’s adventure around the Island. Grab some drinks and enjoy watching the sunset from this side of the Island.

fishermans wharf langkawi

Pahn Thai Restaurant

Found on the edge of the Berjaya Resort, you will find this Thai restaurant that is perfect to cap off your beautiful holiday in Langkawi. Since we stayed inside the Berjaya, we did a slow walk to the restaurant in time for the sunset. Standing on stilts, you will find this restaurant that is extended over the water. Before your visit, be sure to make a reservation because they do get full fast. 

Anyway, we ordered some of our favorite Thai dishes like Satay, curries, and pad thai. They were delicious! I think what made it more impressive was the whole experience itself, watching the sunset, enjoying a glass of wine, and being with the person you loved.

We were so blessed that we could visit Langkawi Island at the start of our Malaysia Trip. We enjoyed the island vibe and the whole island experience. That Skybridge was something else! I like that all the places we visited and stayed in were all different and met our expectations. Truly an island you would want to explore and experience!

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