/3 Highly Recommended Tourist Spots in LOOC Romblon

3 Highly Recommended Tourist Spots in LOOC Romblon

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The Province of Romblon is gifted with so many beautiful islands that tourists will fall in love with. From beautiful white sand beaches and underwater seascapes, amazing cave systems and lush forests, this province is definitely worth visiting.

During our familiarization tour around the Island of Romblon, one of the municipalities that we explored was LOOC also on the Island of Tablas. After an enjoyable Filipino breakfast at our hotel in Odiongan, we hopped into our van and traveled to LOOC to see the tourist destinations that the Municipality had to offer.

Bantigue Resort

Entrance Fee : Php 50.00

For everyone who drives through Looc it would be impossible not to see this eye-catching place because of two structures that stand out next to the highway: the replica of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben in London.

These replicas are completely made out of a combination  of bamboo and coconut lumber that is very native to the province. In addition, they also have rooms available, a swimming pool, and also serves food.

When is the best time to visit Bantigue Resort? 

Best time to visit is at night specially when they turn on the lights which adds more character and drama to these masterpieces.


Another destination that you can visit in Looc is the Grotto De Banloc. A famous destination on the island, specially during the Lenten Season, many devotees and tourists come here to relax, meditate and offer some prayers. 

It is also difficult not to notice the beautiful landscape that surrounds Grotto De Banloc. In addition, you will also find a HONESTY STORE which sells souvenir items  such as shirts, mugs, Rosaries and much more. I find it really nice!

Next to the store, you will find an exhibit of a vast collection of Starbucks Mugs which have been donated by different people from all over the world to make this place what it is now. 


Entrance: Php 100.00

Considered as a protected area, the Looc Marine Sanctuary is a very popular destination that’s been attracting thousands of tourists every year. Their port/ receiving area has been renovated to cater to more tourists in the sanctuary. 

Tourists can snorkel around the raft and see hundreds of fish that swim around the raft. Fish feeding is also allowed in the area. But as a precaution, please do wear a life vest specially if you don’t know how to swim for your own safety.


We had so much fun and we were very lucky because the weather was really good and it was fun swimming with the fish. 

What I think of Looc Romblon? 

I am very happy that we included LOOC on our Itinerary as I see that they are really making their best efforts to promote the tourism industry in the Municipality. As we were talking to the staff of the tourism office, we were very excited to hear the future plans they have in store for the Municipality of LOOC. Will definitely come back and visit this beautiful town again! 


1. Fly From Manila to Tablas Romblon via Cebu Pacific Air

Flight Schedules: Sunday | Wednesday | Friday | Terminal 4

Manila to Tablas – Departure 13:15 Arrival : 14:40

Tablas to Manila – Departure 15:00 Arrival : 16:25

Website: https://www.cebupacificair.com/

By Boat?

There are RORO ships that travel from Batangas Port to Odiongan which take around 8 hours.

Once in Tablas, local transports are available like jeepnies, vans, tricycle that are available in the area. 

I would personally want to thank DOT – MIMAROPA , Cebu Pacific Air, Dream Favor Travel and Tours, and the LGU’s of Looc for making this familiarization fun and a memorable trip.

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