/The Marble Mountains and other Tourist Spots in Da Nang City Vietnam

The Marble Mountains and other Tourist Spots in Da Nang City Vietnam

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During our visit to the beautiful country of Vietnam, we really wanted to maximize our trip by visiting UNESCO sites and some of the famous tourist spots all over the country. Da Nang was on top of the list along with Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi. We heard that the route to Da Nang from Hue was quite scenic so we decided to rent a car via HURA CARS.

Where to stay in Da Nang?

There are number of hotels in the city that will suit your budget. But since we wanted to make it special, we decided to book a room at the Da  Nang Golden Bay. A 5 star hotel holding the Guinness World of Records for having the highest and longest infinity pool that is covered with 24k Gold. We had a lovely experience!

While at Da Nang City, we explored different memorable places.

So the next day, we rented a taxi and decided to visit the Ancient City of Hoi An for a day. While in the taxi, we saw so many shops selling marble items and sculptures of different sizes and behind that I saw this mountain that  is definitely eye catching. I checked on the internet and I found out that it is the Marble Mountain.

I told my friend that after Hoi An, I definitely would like to stop and explore the Marble Mountain. In addition to that, it was also difficult not to include the number of bridges, each having its own character.

Marble Mountain

Located in the South of Da Nang City, Ngu Hanh Son, you will see a cluster of marble and limestone hills that is considered as one of the major tourist spots in Da Nang. It’s really worth visiting!

How to get to Marble Mountain?

I think the best way to get to the Marble Mountains is to take a taxi. It wasn’t that long and there are so many taxis available in the area which provide receipts and accept credit cards. Anyway, we arrived just after lunch and bought tickets. It wasn’t that expensive. 

15000 VND = 32.00 Php 

Take a lift up the mountain

Now, there are two options to get up the hill, whether you walk a number of steps all the way up that could be exhausting for some. The other way is to take a lift with an extra pay. Since we had done so much walking at Hoi An, we decided to take the lift. It was so much faster!

Once up the hill, you will find Pagodas and other structures that show the rich culture of the place. What’s more interesting are the tunnels and caves you will find around the Marble Mountain.

As you walk around you will find maps that guide you around the many interesting places to explore on the hill.

One of the best was places is to  enter one of the caves called the Hao Nghiem Cave. My goodness, it was beautiful and dramatic specially with the lighting effects.

In addition, to get a further view of the other marble hills, it recommended to go the highest peak of the hill to get a much better view of the hills.


After a few hours, we decided to go back to our hotel and instead of taking the lift down. It is better if you do a slow descent by foot and enjoy the scenic view around Marble Mountains.

TIP: Dress comfortable as it can be humid and always hydrate yourself after a short hike/climb

In addition to the Marble Mountains, when driving around Da Nang City, it would be impossible not to take notice of the beautiful bridges specially when they are lit at night. Good thing that there were scheduled trip from the hotel to the city and back so we could enjoy walking around the city at night and take photos of the bridges.

DRAGON BRIDGE – Longest Bridge in Da Nang

The Dragon Bridge is one of the most amazing bridges I’ve ever seen. Anybody who arrives in Da Nang would be captivated by this Golden Dragon in the middle. Aside from visiting this bridge at day time. We also recommend you coming at night to see the view of the bridge specially it when it start changing colours. It was beautiful! 

Love Lock Bridge Danang

One of the most romantic places to in Da Nang is the Love Lock Bridge. I also think of this bridge as one most Instagrammable places to be. People can walk around, buy some locks and lock their love for each other while enjoying the city lights. 

Han River Bridge

A cable-stayed swing bridge, tourists can also walk along this bridge going to the market area. What I like was as it turns into evening and all the lights came out with a show. You can enjoy a river cruise passing over these bridges or you can just sit next to the river, have some quiet time and enjoy the lights. 

Cyclo Tour around Danang City

If you want to make your trip more fun in Da Nang, you can try the Cyclo Tour around the city. This is a very popular activity for tourists specially visiting in large groups. I wish we could have tried this one because it does look like so much fun. 

RETRO KITCHEN AND BAR – A Great Place to Eat in Danang

We were checking some travel websites for Da Nang and one of the top restaurants to go to is the Retro Kitchen and Bar. On our last day, we went for a visit just before lunch time. It was really nice inside and I love the open kitchen and over-all ambiance of the place. The food we had was fantastic!


HAN MARKET – Place to buy gifts and souvenirs  in Da Nang

If you are looking for souvenirs or any other interesting finds in Da Nang, the place is to go to Han Market. This multi-storey building is overflowing with so many interesting items to bring home. It could be overwhelming at first but make sure to have a list with you of the things to buy before go in so you don’t go back and forth.

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