/ATHENA’S LODGE | A Budget Friendly Place to stay in White Beach, Puerto Galera

ATHENA’S LODGE | A Budget Friendly Place to stay in White Beach, Puerto Galera

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Every time I want to go on a quick escape to a beautiful place, Puerto Galera is always on top of my list, especially for scuba diving, sunbathing, enjoying a few Mindoro slings, and just relaxing. During my solo trip to Puerto Galera, I was looking for a very affordable place to stay. Not expecting it to be right on the beach could be further back, but the goal was affordability!

While browsing, I found Athena’s Lodge. It’s a small place found at the back and a 3 to 5-minute walk to the beach. I sent them a message, and they replied promptly. From then on, I decided this is where I wanted to stay. I sent the deposit slip, which is half of the total bill, and all I needed to do now was to wait for the day of my trip.

Php 1000.00 x 2 Pax / Night

From Balatero Port to Athena’s Lodge 

When I arrived at the Balatero Port, Puerto Galera, I was picked up by the resort’s owner, Kuya Aron. He was very friendly and accommodating. He took me to their place, and the first thing I liked was how private it is since it was at the back. I have never stayed this far, but I think it also has some advantages.

Athena’s Lodge Accommodation 

When I entered my room, I liked how clean and simple it was. Their accommodation is very basic, but I am not fussy. I started walking to the beach from the resort, and at first, I thought it was far, but as I got to the beach, it really wasn’t that far at all. 3 to 5 minutes’ walk. I find it pretty safe.

There is a balcony if you wish to enjoy a drink with friends. There are CCTV cameras and a gate lock to ensure the safety of the guests.



My Thoughts on Athena’s Lodge

It’s perfect for a solo traveler or someone on a budget but still wants to enjoy their stay in Puerto Galera. The price is very affordable considering I came during their peak season. Distance really is not a big issue because I find it safe to walk and close enough to the beach. 

In addition, they also organized tours if in case you want to do island hopping and much more. If you want to go to the city, you can message Kuya Aron to pick you up. It was very convenient.  If you are looking for a quiet and affordable place to stay in White Beach Puerto Galera, Athena’s Lodge is a place worth considering!


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Contact Details 

Aron Dela Cruz | 09163486827





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