/TIDAL SHAVE Barbershop in San Juan La Union
tidal shave barbershop in san juan la union

TIDAL SHAVE Barbershop in San Juan La Union

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In addition to the number of restaurants, bars, and other things to do in the Surfing Capital of the North, San Juan La Union, it is also important to look your best before you go out to either surf or party with friends. This is when TIDAL SHAVE Barbershop came to help!

Located in the Heart of San Juan, Tidal Shave is found at Sebay Surf Resort just behind the 7-11 Convenience Store. Since I forgot to get a haircut before I left for this holiday, I decided to give this barbershop a try. For some reason, getting a new haircut does make me feel good. That is the reason why I do it every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the length.

Tidal Shave’s Services and Rates

First impression

The place may look simple from the outside, but once you walk in, the staff were there to greet you.  The place was cozy, nice music, it was chill and the color palette used inside has this masculine feel to it. Very tasteful!

I sat in this very comfortable leather chair and basically told the barber to just do his own thing. The goal is to make me look good! I appreciated that their equipment was nicely presented and you can see that they are well maintained and clean. I like that!

The barbers were really good and they are very professional in what they do. They sometimes initiate a conversation which makes you feel that they are really enjoying what they do.

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In addition to the haircut, you must also try their half-body massage. I am telling you, you wont be disappointed. Imagine getting one after doing your surfing lessons?

While having a massage, they also offered some drinks such as juice, water and to my surprise, they even asked if I wanted to have a rum and Coke? How cool was that! I was on a vacation mode and I think for a place like San Juan, who doesn’t want to have a good time even while having a hair cut.

What can I say about Tidal Shave?

After my haircut, I must admit that I really loved it! It wasn’t too short and it was a nice trim. After the haircut, he tilted the chair and told me to just relax. He put a warm towel on my face and gently massaged my head, shoulder, back and arms. I almost fell asleep. My friends and I really had a good time here and we were really happy that we started our first morning pampering ourselves after that long drive from Manila to La Union.

So when in San Juan, La Union, you might as well stop and make yourself look good with Tidal Shave.

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Sebay Surf Central, Urbiztondo Rd, San Juan, 2514 La Union
(Behind 7 11) 



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