/Fun Diving with BADLADZ Dive Resort in Puerto Galera

Fun Diving with BADLADZ Dive Resort in Puerto Galera

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On my recent trip to Puerto Galera, all that was on my mind was I wanted to scuba dive. I asked a friend of mine to recommend a resort that was close to White Beach and he suggested Badladz Dive Resort. Aside from playing volleyball, drinking pitchers of Mindoro Sling and sun-bathing, Scuba diving is one of the activities I would love to experience on this beautiful island.


Located close to Muelle Pier, which is one of the main ports in Puerto Galera, Badladz Dive Resort offers a great diving experience that is within your budget. From White Beach, we did a 20 minute tricycle ride for Php 200.00.

Badladz dive cost?

Diving can be expensive depending on the location and with many competitors around, the cost of diving is much more competitive making it affordable to scuba divers and those willing to learn and discover scuba diving. Two of my friends came along with me and decided to snorkel for Php 300.00 + . That is not bad at all plus you get to snorkel in different locations aside from the Coral Garden.

FUN DIVE Costs: Php 1200.00

Discover Scuba Dive : Php 3200.00

For updated list of their prices, just click here: BADLADZ DIVE RATES

Badladz Contact Details

Muelle Pier, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island 5203


+63 939 914 8819 | 043 287 3693

Which dive sites in Puerto Galera?

We all know that Puerto Galera is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines for scuba diving. With so many dive sites scattered around Puerto Galera, I decided to book two dives at MONKEY BEACH and the GIANT CLAMS.

Dive time with Badladz!

The following day, I arrived as early as 8:00 am and decided to eat breakfast at their restaurant. They had a nice selection of local and international dishes on the menu and it looked like a nice restaurant. But since it’s going to be an exciting and long day, I decided to go for a big Filipino breakfast. Delicious!

After breakfast, I went started putting on my wet suit and checked my weight. When I arrived at the dive shop I really liked how tidy it looked and the equipment seemed to be well maintained. That morning, I would be diving with a Dive Master, Bruce Reagan Lopez, and one more scuba diver from China. After everything was checked, we started our dive briefing. I had never been to the Monkey Beach dive site and was told that it was an amazing dive site with so much to see.

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On the other hand, I’ve been to the Giant Clams before but forgot my action camera so I wanted to go back to take photos. In addition, we were told that there was going to be a slight current. So it would be the first time for me to experience a drift dive.

After the briefing, we walked to the boat and off we went on our first dive at Monkey Beach. The trip took us around 10 minutes to the dive site. It wasn’t really that far and besides, I enjoyed the boat trip.  We were very lucky with the weather because it was sunny and the sea was very calm amidst the monsoon winds. When we arrived, it was time to double checked everything and off we jumped in the water while the boat reversed. Unfortunately, which I admit was my fault, I did not have my action camera with me. I think I got so excited to get underwater and things happened so fast. Lol… Oh well!

Moving on, we went down and my goodness! It was unbelievable! There was a boat wreck which adds more excitement to the dive specially when you see different types of fishes, shrimps and other marine animals around. It’s so lush!  I wish I captured them on photos but it just gave me another reason to come back. One of the best dives ever! Glad I was also able to practice my buoyancy and I felt like I was improving.

After an amazing dive, we rested for an hour (Surface Interval) on the boat,a hot towel to freshen up, and   enjoyed a cup of coffee while the boat took us to our next dive destination which was the GIANT CLAM dive site.

The first time I dived here I was doing my Open Water Course with Scandi Divers. To see the giant clams up close was an experience I want to repeat it again so I decided to go for it and check on them for the second time. In addition, there were so many barrel sponges around the giant clams. Visibility was so clear.



Searching for some nudibranchs is now becoming one of my favorites when diving.

What makes it even more exciting was the mild drift during our drive. My friends kept on talking about it before how fun it was just  go with flow or the current. When I went down, we already felt the drift. At first I was trying to find my buoyancy but eventually I was able to calm down and got used to it. It was an underwater Paradise!

We finished our second dive just before lunch time and what an amazing morning we just had. When I used to visit Puerto Galera, I am normally just  lounging around and play volleyball. But now, I see Puerto Galera as an opportunity to scuba dive and see more of it’s underwater world! Thank you Badladz Dive Resort your amazing service and hospitality! I really had a great time and this made my trip to Puerto Galera more exciting!

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