/KAYRAANG COVE | Budget Beach Camp in Nasugbu Batangas

KAYRAANG COVE | Budget Beach Camp in Nasugbu Batangas

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If you are looking for nice beaches close to Metro Manila, Nasugbu Batangas is definitely on top of the list. On our recent visit, we discovered KAYRAANG COVE which is ideal if, like me, you enjoy a camping type of adventure.

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Also known as Angara Cove, this beach is a privately owned which now allows beach campers to stay and enjoy it’s beauty. Since I love beach camping, I decided to invite some friends from social media to come and join me for a night. There is really nothing much on the itinerary but to relax, swim, get to know each other and just chill.

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How to Get to Kayraang Cove

1. Take a bus from Buendia to Nasugbu via DLTB
2. Once at Nasugbu, take a tricycle or Jeepney (c/o Kuya Nanok) to Barangay Papaya
3. Kuya Nanok will meet you there and his boat will take you to the Cove

Please make sure to constantly keep contact with Nanok Limbok. He could also organize a pick up for you in Nasugbu

If you have a car or on a motorbike, you can just Waze it easily.

We arrived early in the morning at Jollibee Nasugbu where we had our breakfast while waiting for the Jeepney to take us to Barangay Papaya. When it arrived, we then asked the driver to take us to Nasugbu Public Market just to buy whatever is needed for the beach camp such as charcoal, food, ice, eggs, and more.

Important Facts Before visiting Kayraang Cove

  1. There is no toilet which may be a problem for some.
  2. There is a well (Balon) that can be used for bathing or washing dishes.
  3. There is hardly any network signal in the cove. You need to walk to the very far left of the beach to get one.
  4. Expect trash on the beach brought by the winds and currents.
  5. No electricity in the cove so make sure you have a lamp, torch, and a fully-charged power bank with you.

The boat trip only took us a maximum of 30 minutes. This is a much closer destination compared to our beach camp at Bituin Beach. It was a scenic and picturesque boat ride specially when you see the light house and other rock formations en route. Upon arriving, we immediately looked for a spot to set up our tents and prepared for lunch. I asked Nanok if there was some freshly caught fish and luckily there was so we bought a big one at a very affordable price.

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Since it’s a private cove, nobody was there and we had the entire beach all to ourselves which was amazing. Pine trees and coconut trees are everywhere providing us with nice shade to pitch our tents. One of our friend even got us some fresh coconuts to drink during the camp. 

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And since nobody is there to maintain the cove, trash brought by winds and tides are evident so we decided to grab our extra trash bags and ask some of them to pick up the plastic bottles on the beach and bring with us so it can be properly disposed. I believe that a small act of kindness can do greater things so let us do our part because it’s never too late to save our Mother Earth.

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The beach was still amazing though and the sand is close to almost being fine. The water was calm and super clear perfect for swimming. It also stays shallow for some distance. I advise you also wear some aqua shoes to protect you from rocks or other debris.


It was sunset and even thoughwe didn’t see it directly, you still get a picturesque backdrop of cloud formations on the horizon.  It was beautiful!


Before it became totally dark, we gathered some leaves and old wood to use for the bonfire. Just to make it clear, there was man-made ridge where bonfire was set-up responsibly and NOT on the beach because we know the negative side-effects it could bring on the sand and on the beach itself. Others brought their lamps as well which added some source of light during the night. After dinner, we gathered around the fire and just socialised with some fun games like category games which lasted until morning. We really had fun that evening but we were also looking forward to swim some more the next morning.

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It rained a little bit that night but it wasn’t bad. Luckily, some of our friends woke up early and prepared breakfast for everyone. Thanks guys! And with a good and sunny weather, it was the best time to swim and do some photo shoots.


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From L- R | Richmond @diamanterichmod| Jay @deejay_rosario | Mark | Ji @shinjiaraneta | Kervin @nivrekdoze | Chris @toffie_luck | Angelo | Carlo | Henry @henrycarl_r |Insert Eriol (Sleeping :)) and Giro who took the photo|
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During low tide, you can easily walk along the rocks on the east side and you will find another awesome place to swim. There is also a little cove with a small patch of white sand. Oh, this is also the place where you can catch a network signal.


The beach was so calm and beautiful so we decided to swim right after breakfast which pretty much how our Sunday morning was spent. At around 11 am the boat arrived that would take us back to Barangay Papaya. While on the boat, we all agreed that Kayraang Cove really has potential to be an enjoyable beach camp destination in Nasugbu. I hope the local community and the future campers will also do their part by picking up some of the rubbish on the beach as part of their activity. 

I am so pleased that we visited Kayraang Cove and we got to enjoy the entire place to ourselves. With no phone signals, we got to enjoy the beauty of nature,  bonded and got to know each other very well, and achieved the total relaxation!  I would like to thank my friends who joined us on this trip and made this beach camp a fun and memorable adventure. Looking forward for our next beach camp adventure!

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Kayraang Cove Contact Number

 Nanok Limboc

Kayraang Cove Itinerary and Expenses


4:00 am – Bus ride from Buendia [DLTB] to Nasugbu Jollibee

7:00 am – 8:00 am – Arrived at Jollibe Nasugbu

9:00 am – Jeepney arrived and took us to Nasugbu Public Market for some additional requirements

10:30 am – Arrived at Barangay Papaya where the boat was already waiting

11:00 am – Arrived at Kayraang Cove 

1:00 pm – Lunch Time / Chill/ Swim/ 

6:30 pm – Dinner Time / Bonfire/ Booze


8:00 am – Others woke up and prepared Breakfast/ Swim 

10:00 am – Pack up time

11:00 am – Boat arrived and took us back to Barangay Papaya

1:00 pm – Arrived at Nasugbu and lunch at a Lomi house, a few meters away from Jollibee

1:30 pm – Bus Station to Pasay 

Buendia – Nasugbu – Php160.00 each way

Jeepney to Brgy Papaya – Php 2500.00 / Roundtrip per group

Boatride to Kayraang Cove – Php 250.00 /Roundtrip per person

Additional Food/ Ice/ Water/ Porkchop/ Fish – Php 150.00 ( Contribution)

Food: [Potluck] Each one brought food / utensils/ and other necessities to share prior to our beach camp.


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