/MABUHAY MARITIME EXPRESS | Premium Class Ferry to Boracay to Start Soon
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MABUHAY MARITIME EXPRESS | Premium Class Ferry to Boracay to Start Soon

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BORACAY PHILIPPINES | A revolutionary ferry service that aims to raise the standards of passenger comfort will soon link Kalibo directly to Boracay.
Mabuhay Maritime Express,a wholly-owned subsidiary of flag carrier Philippine Airlines, will mount regular Kalibo-Boracay ferry service using two brand-new 42-meter catamarans with tri-class configuration – First Class, Premium class and Regular.
mabuhay maritime express
The 410-seater, high speed catamarans, named MV Malambing and MV Magalang, will make four daily runs each and increase to eight by December.
” We decided to join – and revolutionize – the inter-island ferry service business, to complement local air travel as a holistic approach to promoting Philippine tourism”, said MME President Jaime J. Bautista.
More than 40 inter-island ferry companies have been plying the waters around the archipelago for decades, providing inexpensive transport for passengers, cargo and vehicles from major domestic points.
“We aim to offer travelers a seamless air to see transfer, taking passengers to their favorite tourist destinations as fast and as comfortable as possible,” added Bautista who is also PAL President and Chief Operating Officer.
With support from the local government, MME is building its own jetty port at Kalibo, 10 minutes away from the airport, where free shuttles are available for Boracay-bound passengers.
The hour and and a half ferry service will be the fastest route to Boracay.
Apart from modern facilities and generous amenities, the two ferries have attendants that provide heartfelt service similar to the pampering of a 4-star Global airline.

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