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SILANG CAVITE | Rodem Farm & Garden Korean Restaurant

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SILANG CAVITE |After a great morning adventure with friends at one of the beautiful rivers in Silang Cavite,  I told my friends that I was craving something Korean. Samgyeopsal is a very famous Korean cuisine that Filipinos have also learned to love. I am one of them.
A few years back, I remembered that our Korean visitor brought us to a Korean restaurant in Silang but I forgot the name of the place. I posted a question on my Facebook about my query and luckily a friend commented that I must try Rodem Farm & Garden Korean Restaurant. When I looked at the photo, I knew from the start that this is the place where I wanted to eat my lunch.

The restaurant is along the main Aguinaldo Highway. One notable place you will pass is the HACIENDA which is the new and first outlet mall in the Philippines. When you see the UNI-OIL gas station on the left, you have the Rodem Restaurant on your right. You can also Waze it easily.
Few minutes later, we finally arrived at restaurant and I remember this place very well. The palm trees and the lush green garden which is the source of some of the produce they use in their restaurant.
Rodem Farm & Garden Korean restaurant has expanded over the years. It is also becoming a very popular Korean Restaurant with many locals and tourists passing by to and from Tagaytay.
Ok enough talking much now, I arrived at the place really hungry and I can’t wait to try their samgyeopsal meal.
All the greens or maybe most of the greens you will find in their food comes from their own garden.
I never thought that they used these leaves in their samgyeopsal. This man was very kind enough to chat with us while waiting for a table to be set up. He was carefully picking the right leaves that would be used later on in the restaurant.
Once done, he will put it on a container like this, washed and served to the guests.
Aside from the restaurant, they also have a small vegetable market which sells freshly picked produce from their garden.
The restaurant has a lot of tables to accommodate a huge number of guests, they also have rooms that are ideal for events or small group meetings.  They were very kind to put us in a room. Silang is slightly elevated so the weather was so nice and cool.
The burner is set and I’m sure the food is going to arrive soon.
The moment we sat down at our table, food started to arrive for our Samgyeopsal. Normally, they just use a normal lettuce leaves for this type of meal. But at RODEM, they serve you with 4 or 5 different types of greens. They look and tasted so fresh!
Other condiments followed. I wish I could name each one of them but we all tasted them and they were really nice!
korean restaurant silang cavite
We really enjoyed the baby potatoes and sprouts.
The meat finally arrived, let’s start grilling!

Unlimited Samgyeopsal at Rodem Farm Korean Restaurant

Ala Carte – Php 350.00
Unlimited Meats , Greens, Condiments – Php 450.00
Because we were ovelwhelmed we went for the unlimited samgyeopsal. It was fare price because they give you good quality meat and basically unlimited everything. No left overs of course otherwise you will be charged.
What I like about this was it doesn’t use any oil when cooking the pork. It uses it’s natural fat to cook it and I find it a healthier choice of eating pork.
We also enjoy the whole process of preparing a samgyeopsal. It’s like you’re doing an experiment in which condiments work well with the lettuce and pork. It was fun!
korean barbecue in silang cavite
The meat is cooking nicely and I think it’s time to eat! We tried so many combinations and all worked really well. It was an enjoyable meal indeed.
Over-all, the food we had at Rodem Farm and Garden Korean Restaurant was really good. The food was fresh and of best quality. The staff were very friendly, the place was spacious and clean and it was easy to find. I couldn’t wait to try the other Korean dishes they have in the restaurant. I’ll be back for sure!
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