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7 Awesome Tourist Spots in SIPALAY CITY

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SIPALAY CITY | While planning my solo travel on Negros Island, one place I had been wanting to explore for such a long time was Sipalay City. Known as the Jewel of the Sugar Land, Sipalay is attracting more people each year because of it’s stunning views and amazing landscape making this an experience only Sipalay can offer.


1. Ride a jeepney with Libertad – Shopping and ask the driver to drop you off at SOUTH TERMINAL
2. You will find buses that go to Sipalay .
FARE : Php 265.00
Travel Time: 5 hours
We left Bacolod at around 7:00 am and we arrived in Sipalay at around lunch time. A friend of mine will be travelling to Dumaguete on the same day so we decided to do an afternoon tour of some of the scenic areas found around Sipalay.
Is it possible to explore the other tourist places in a day? The answer is YES! With the limited time that we had we were able to squeeze in amazing places. Here they are:


Along the Mercedes Blvd. next to the WOW SIPALAY sign, there is one restaurant known for its Chicken Inasal. After the long trip, we were starving. So our guide/ habal-habal driver took us to this place. A very simple place but the Inasal really tastes great.


Entrance Fee: Php 30.00
Guide Fee: Php 50.00
If you are looking for an IG worthy spot in Sipalay, then this is one place you must visit. With the long wooden foot bridge, it is impossible not to stop and take a photo of this beautiful landscape.  The place was so calm, the water was so clear and pristine. It’s an amazing place. A  few meters walk would lead you to LATASAN ISLAND RESORT.
Aside from the accommodation, it also offers a stunning view of the bay. It was a breathtaking site to see I must admit and I was already finding the reason why people are drawn to Sipalay.
tinagong dagat sipalay attraction


Entrance Fee: Php 80.00
If you search Sipalay on search engines, I am very sure that you’ve seen this place all over the internet. Perth Paradise is also probably one of the best IG worthy places in Sipalay.  One of the main highlights of this resort is the infinity pool that faces over this beautiful bay of Sipalay. Looking over the bay, it felt like you are looking at the chocolate hills on the water. It was an amazing landscape and we were really in awe with the view.
swim at perth paradise in sipalay
sipalay travel guide


After our trip to Perth Paradise, our guide took us to another most visited beach in Sipalay, Punta Ballo. Swimming here is free. This long white beach stretches over a kilometer. The water is very calm and clean and there are lots of resorts to choose from in the area – perfect for a day or overnight visits with family and friends.



Entrance Fee: Php 30.00
Guide Fee: Php 50.00
After our quick visit to Punta Ballo Beach, our guide told us whether we wanted to go caving because he knew of a place. We got very curious and I told my friend that we should try it because it sounded exciting. A few minutes after, we stopped next to the main road and found this small hole which apparently is the main entrance of the cave. It was literally next the road!
Upon entering we were shocked that this cave is located right under the main road. The cave is not that big but the rock formations inside the cave were beautiful. It was an exciting quick visit to the cave and it was all worth it!
matlag cave sipalay attraction


Before leaving Sipalay, do not forget to stop at the WOW SIPALAY. With the whole afternoon spent touring the environs of Sipalay, we were really wowed by its raw beauty. The signage is just very close to town where Poblacion Beach is located. While waiting for my boat to Sugar Beach, it was very overwhelming to see the simple life they have in Sipalay. People do afternoon walks with their dogs, play frisbee,  relax on the beach and so much more. May I also add the town itself is very clean.
wow sipalay signage


Just a few minutes by boat, you will come to another favorite beach destination in Sipalay which is called, Sugar Beach. This is the place where I decided to also spend 2 nights at DRIFTWOOD VILLAGE RESORT. The sand is not as white as compared to other beaches, but the sand was very fine. But what I like about Sugar Beach is the peace and the relaxation that I’ve been wanting to experience for a long time. I felt that here!


sugar beach sipalay city
I was so happy that I made the right choice of visiting Sipalay City in Negros Occidental. Even though it was summer, it didn’t feel too busy. The people were very friendly, the place was very clean, and they have one of the best coastlines in the Philippines. One of the best places to also visit for solo backpackers like me!
Of course, we wouldn’t be able to visit these places without the help of our tour guide who drove us to the best places to visit in Sipalay. He took care of our bags while we were swimming. He is very easy to talk to and a person who you can trust. Also a very reasonable price too.


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