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ROADMAN’S GRILL & BAR in Kawit Cavite

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I was visiting a friend in Kawit, Cavite when I decided to go to a karaoke and chill. So while browsing the internet, I came across my friends Facebook and saw Roadman’s Grill and Bar. It’s location is along the Magdiwang Highway so it’s pretty accessible.

The bar opens at 5:00 pm just in time for happy hour. I could not wait to stand on that small stage and just sing my night away.
For guests, you can play darts while enjoying your drink. I just enjoy this game specially when you knock out all the numbers.. Forgot what its called but it was fun! lol….
 They have a wide variety of drinks and food to choose from. In addition, prices are pretty reasonable.
The moment they played their music, I just couldn’t wait to get hold of that microphone and check it for myself. I love singing and sometimes I can be a little sensitive with regards to the sound system, but Roadmans Bar and Grill, didn’t disappoint. Their sound system was excellent! The music and the sound quality would really make you want to sing more. I really enjoyed it and sometimes that’s all I need to have great fun!
karaoke bar kawit cavite
More tables and chairs are located at the back of the bar.
After singing a few songs and having a few beers, our food finally arrived. With so much food to choose from io the menu, I asked them to give me their best sellers. The prices were very reasonable and it’s good enough for two people.
PANCIT CANTON – Php 180.00 
I am not surprised why this is one of the best sellers. This noodle dish really is something you would enjoy. It smells so good, so tasteful and it was cooked to perfection.
SIZZLING TOFU – Php 130.00
I love tofu and their sizzling tofu didn’t disappoint. It was so cheesy and creamy. A great dish to have and I am sure you would enjoy it too.
This is one of the best buffalo wings I’ve tasted in a long time. It has the right amount of heat on it and the sauce they put on the chicken was delicious.
buffalo wings roadmans kawit
It was a fun evening spent at Roadman’s Grill and Bar. The owners were very accommodating. I really enjoyed the chill ambiance of the place. The sound system was amazing and I never thought I was going to enjoy it that much but I really did. And the food we had during that night was really good.
For reservations and inquiries,
 you may call Mr. Miggy Cruz 

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