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Exploring PUTAKTE RIVER in Silang, Cavite

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SILANG CAVITE | Few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that they explored a very clean river close to where they live. I was interested and told him that I would also like to explore the river. I think its just my urge of discovering new places to explore and discovering new Tourist Spots in Cavite.
Putakte River in Silang Cavite
Beautiful landscape at Putakte River in Silang Cavite


I invited few of my friends to come with me together with my friend who also guided us all the way to the falls which can also be found on the river. I am really not sure if the waterfall is located in Dasmarinas or Silang, but if you are commuting or driving, the turn off is close to the resort I visited before also at Barangay Biluso in Silang Cavite.
The road to Biluso is found right after Casa Real Montessori. We drove all the way inside the Barangay pasing Bungad Biluso Resort until we reached the end part. We were also in touch with Giro who guided us to their place.
We started our walk at 8:00 am since we only wanted to stay until 1:00 pm. It was a hot day so make sure to bring umbrella with you. It was an open trail and the walk would normally take you around 30 minutes all the way down to the river.
Finally we had a glimpse of the river. Since it’s summer it looks a bit dry but you can tell that the water is very clean.  Since we arrived early in the morning, there were still very few people in the area.
We climbed a little higher to reach the other lagoon which is much deeper and cleaner. When we reached our destination, we were just amazed at the pristine beauty of the river. There is supposed to be water gushing down there but it’s summer so there were no falls during our visit. If you swim further down, you will find a spring. You will also find fish swimming in the area.
The water is like a mirror, so calm and mysterious. If you don’t know how to swim, make sure to wear life vest  because it is really deep.
We could not just stare at the beauty of the river, so we put our costumes and dived straight into the refreshing water of Pinag Sabangan river.  Good thing that there is a place where you can just relax on the side, especially if you are not comfortable swimming in deep water.
swimming in silang cavite
A friend of mine Dennis of ILoveMindanao.com also came with us and brought his bow and arrow. So aside from swimming, we also had the chance to learn the skill of basic of Archery. It was a fun experience!
After snacking and swimming, we also visited the other side of the river which is more tame and I would say, kid friendly. Instead of climbing up and down again, we just slid down these baby falls to the other lagoon.
As we reached the other side of the river, a totally different landscape emerged. Both places were very picturesque and it was like a different world.
The water flowing here was very clean and you sometimes see locals still washing their clothes here. Otherwise, you can just chill and enjoy the day in some of the small ponds found along this river.
Here is GIRO, our guide. He was with us the whole time. He can come with you or you can just ask him to pick you up at your specified time. There is no payment or entrance fee in the river, but I advise giving a generous tip to the guide.

GIRO’S NUMBER : 09974821070

It was after lunch already and we decided to walk back to Giro’s place. It was a beautiful day and we were just so happy that we found another beautiful destination that is not really that far away.
Before we left, we made sure that we practiced the
We basically picked up our own trash and in the end, we also picked up other trash in the area.
The place is free, there is no entrance fee when swimming in the river, but please let us be responsible and keep this beautiful place clean. Bring your own trash bags and do not leave any litter around. So please, I am asking for your help,
let’s make Pinag Sabangan River Clean! 
Going around Barangay Biluso can be quite confusing specially if you are not familiar with the place, so here is an image where we parked our vehicle. Make sure to coordinate with Giro before your visit.
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