/FUJIFILM X-A3 | My Mirrorless Camera of Choice as a Travel Blogger

FUJIFILM X-A3 | My Mirrorless Camera of Choice as a Travel Blogger

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If there is one thing a traveler needs during his travels, that would be a very good camera. I used to be happy using my phone when taking photos, but I realized I could get better photos If I had a proper camera. So when my birthday arrived, I decided to treat myself and bought a mirrorless camera that is more compact and is smaller compared to traditional DSLR’s. After thorough research, I made up my mind and opted for the FUJIFILM X-A3
fujifilm mirrorles camera
It was a hard decision but I think I made the right choice. I’ve been using this camera for less than a month and I can say that I am starting to love it.
One thing I love about this camera is the RETRO DESIGN. The cover, plate, and dials are made of aluminum. When you hold it, it doesn’t feel too heavy nor light which I like. In addition, the faux leather enhances the over-all design even more, it comes in pink, brown, or silver.
fujifilm xa3 camera
I am not a very techie guy in terms of photography but I like the fact that this camera is very easy to use. It comes with different shooting modes to get the best results depending on your situation. In my case, I am mostly in SR+ Mode which is the easiest because it automatically adjusts the settings.
xa3 camera controls
I like the size of the touch screen giving me a wider view of the pictures I want to capture. The minor problem I have sometimes is the glare specially when I am outdoors. But doesn’t really bother me that much.
fujifilm mirrorles wide screen
Selfie is even better with this camera because the LCD can tilt up to 180 Degrees. You don’t even need to touch the actual shutter itself because it automatically shoots when you set your mode to smile or touch shutter. It’s so cool actually!
This Super Intelligent Flash is also another cool reason why I like this camera, because this flash automatically adjusts the amount of light depending on the scenes. But this camera is actually very good in low light conditions. I am actually very impressed with the quality of photos you get – even in low-light environments.
fuji film xa3 flash
Fujifilm X-A3 captures 24 Megapixel images and the resultant pictures are beautiful.
Connectivity is something I want on a camera. With the Fujifilm X-A3 , I could easily connect and control the camera with ease using my smart phone. I just had to download a FUJIFILM app to connect the phone to my camera.
All in all, it is very easy to fall in love with this camera. I just point and shoot but this camera gives more than I need and I am very impressed. The quality of the photos, videos and most of all, the ease of use are just some of the reasons why getting yourself a FUJIFILM X-A3 is something you might want to consider.
Click this link to see more information about FUJIFILM X-A3 
I purchased this camera from HENRY’S CAMERA at Alabang Town Center for Php 27,500



fujifilm xa3 sample shots






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