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CASA ANTONIO GLAMPING | Calatagan Batangas

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CALATAGAN BATANGAS | Glamping is now becoming popular with many tourists and more resorts are offering this as an affordable option.  What is glamping?  Very basically it is camping in style!  Your tent is erected for you, bedding and linen is supplied and – in most cases – meals are provided.
I checked on the internet to see where the nearest glamping sites were and I found one in Calatagan called CASA ANTONIO GLAM CAMP.
This glamping camp in Calatagan, opened few months ago but people are now raving about Casa Antonio. I decided to book an overnight camp to experience what glamping was like at Casa Antonio.

Calatagan is only few hours away from Manila. The trip was pretty easy and there was little traffic encountered en route to the destination. A few hundred meters from STILTS Calatagan, you will find a YELLOW FLAG which indicates that you have arrived at the entrance to Casa Antonio.
After the entrance to Casa Antonio you will travel along a single track but well-maintained road which adds to the rustic appeal of the site.  Soon we were able to see colorful tents dotted along the coastline. It was beautiful and it was just want we were looking for.
glamping in calatagan batangas
When we arrived at Casa Antonio we were able to relax and listen to the sounds of nature. We just loved the peace and the raw beauty of the place.
Guests just lay down on their banana beds, read books, slept, just what relaxing should really be. Guests can also enjoy listening to the chill music that they play which enhances the relaxing ambiance of the resort.
Our tent was big enough to comfortable fit 2 to 3 people inside. Electric fans can be rented but mattress and pillows are provided.
casa antonio glamping calatagan
There is a common toilets and showers very close to the area which was well maintained and clean during our stay.  Water pressure was also excellent.
The beach area at Casa Antonio was pretty private. It’s a nice place to walk around specially at low tide or you can just bask under the sun. The sand is also very good and fine. Both sides of the beach are a bit rocky which is also a perfect location for photo shoots.
casa antonio beach front calatagan
As the tide slowly crept landward, the stillness of the water added to the dramatic effect of Calatagan Beach.
When the tide is high, guests can use these paddle boards and kayaks for free.
If you feel like walking around, you can go to the break water just few steps away from Casa Antonio. It is a nice walk and you get to see a pleasing view of the coast of Calatagan.  At the end of the break water, make sure you have your swim suits on because it is one of the ideal places for swimming.
It was late afternoon and we were craving for food. Good thing that when you are at Casa Antonio, food is something to look forward to. Part of our package is a complete meal set which we were looking forward to.
Guests can have their sumptuous meal outside your tent or on the beach.
Savor local delicacies that I am sure you are going to enjoy. Meals are good enough for two and the food was delicious and the servings were very generous! It was like a feast and we finished almost everything!
Corn/ Egg Soup, Grilled Milk Fish, Pork Barbecue, Rice, and Juice
Sweet and Sour Tilapia, Rotiserrie Chicken, Rice, Juice
Scrambled Egg, Longganisa, Rice and Danggit
Time to bring out the bottle of wine and chips and wait for the stunning sunset that Calatagan is also famous for.
Sun was slowly setting in and we were just in awe as to how beautiful the sunset was during our stay in Calatagan.
I felt like going back to my childhood days and just enjoying the experience at Casa Antonio Glamp Camp.
calatagan sunset view
Night fall comes, lights are lit up and the mood changed at Casa Antonio. The place was quiet and all you could hear were the waves of the ocean as the tides slowly crept higher. I also found it very romantic!
After a nice supper, head to the beach and gather around the bonfire, bring some drinks with you and make some friends or just enjoy the night by staring at the skies and watch the stars.
The next day, part of the package  was an ATV ride for two. My friend and I were very excited because we had notdone this before and knowing that there are so many places in Calatagan to explore.
atv ride calatagan
We started our ATV ride and followed our guide to a hill that is unknown. We hiked for a around 15 minutes and when we looked back, the stunning view started to appear. It was spectacular! We were also very lucky with the good weather.
 This place never disappoints because it was amazing to see this stunning panoramic views of Calatagan, Batangas.
Casa Antonio Glamping really provides its guests with an experience of what total relaxation should be.  The whole ambiance was very rustic and chill.
Moreover, the staff are like part of the family. They were very polite and friendly so we decided to give them a tip as well. They deserved it!
The camp is also only a few hours away from Manila making it very accessible and a favorite weekend destination to explore!
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